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B2C Lead Generation

B2C Lead Generation


Within the world of business many companies will either fit into B2C or B2B. Some may even do both. When it comes to those focusing on B2C they need to look at ways in order to generate leads. B2C does differ slightly from B2B, and the way in which you approach customers is also different. In this article we will look at ways in which you can build a solid B2C Lead Generation Strategies.

What is B2C? And Why Is Lead Generation Important?

B2C stands for business to consumer. This is the process of companies selling to individual people, not a business. Examples of this could be diners eating in a restaurant, consumers buying clothes or even people paying for a subscription. Whatever your business does in the B2C world you will need to focus on how to build your brand, and its awareness. 

Once you build that brand and awareness you will be able to relate this to lead generation. Lead Generation is the process of generating ways to bring people to your business who are likely to spend with you. From here, you can then engage with them and turn them into paying customers. 

Lead Generation is done through a variety of ways, and marketing is the most successful. Your marketing efforts and plan need to aim towards generating traffic and also leads, so that you can build revenue. In regards to B2C this is done in a variety of ways, and we will now look at ways to build a B2C Lead Generation Strategy.

Lead Generation Strategies

To create a successful lead generation strategy you need it to be tailored to your audience. And also tailored so that it helps convert that audience into sales. It’s not about the results today, it’s the pipeline of potential people you can build into your business. Never lose focus of conversion and sales, and ensure that what you are doing is measurable. Some great ways to generate more leads in a B2C Setting are as follows:

  • Provide a Solution to a Problem in a Video 

Video marketing is huge at the moment, and also allows you to put a lot of content across in a less lengthy format. Creating videos for social media channels, your website or even youtube are a great way to engage your audience. The key to success as with anything in business is to add value. 

Videos that you put out should look to solve issues your audience has, or even look to provide advice. The value piece is how you help them. If they feel you have added value they will come back for more. This is when you are able to capture them to bring them on as paying customers.

  • Cross Promote Email Marketing and Social Media 

Cross promotion is a great way to bring on more customers, and also grow your audience. It is highly likely you have some of your audience following you on social media, but not picking up your email marketing. And vice versa. Both therefore have a big growth potential which you should be focusing on. Social share buttons are a great way to do this, and also subscribe links.

Many businesses focus on their following. The more followers the more business? Not always correct unfortunately. Your followers do not always represent opportunities so this is where you need to think about your lead generation. This is where cross promotion comes in. 

Changing your mindset of focusing on the amount of followers you have, look at how effective you are at cross promotion. These customers present the best chance to engage, as they have an active interest in your business. 

  • Correspond on Twitter and Facebook 

Social media is a great way to have a conversation with your audience. And remember B2C is all about the customer. Answering your audience no matter what social media platform you are using is a must! Your audience will like this, and it creates a good impression of your brand. 

One of the best lead generation activities is going beyond just answering people on social media. Actively looking for conversations on Twitter. Facebook and even LinkedIn that has a relevance to your industry helps to build your reputation. Once again adding value is key be that in the form of an opinion, advice or link to a resource.

  • Optimise Your Website and Landing Pages 

Your Website and landing pages make up a big part of any lead generation strategy. You need to know why people are landing on a certain page, and also understanding what their actions are. Where they click, how long they are on the page and where they get to before they click off are all key. 

Doing this analysis helps to make decisions on where to place ads, subscribe or links to other pages a lot easier. Putting them in the correct places helps your conversion rate. Refining your landing pages are a great way to engage your audience, and should not be ignored.

To Conclude

B2C Lead Generation as you can see does not have to be complex or complicated. You can take what you already have, and shift the focus onto building a stable pipeline of people. Remember, when conducting B2C Lead Generation is very centered around the individual, and what value you can add as a business. If you do this successfully you will find a pipeline of work which you did not have before. 

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