The 10 Best Social Media and Content Apps for 2020
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The 10 Best Social Media and Content Apps for 2020

2020 is the year where technology advances and continues to grow. This will mean an influx of new applications and software which is trying to knock the top boys off their perch. As a business we utilise many platforms and have our favourites, but this article will focus heavily on the 10 best social media and content apps you should be using in 2020.

1. SocialBee

With SocialBee, you get more leads from social media with less effort. Their intuitive platform provides you with all the Social Media Management Tools you could ever dream of. You can automate your social media posting, directly to all of your favourite networks, so you can focus on what truly matters.

SocialBee’s Workspaces helps to minimize risk and and make sure that you don’t post anything on the wrong profiles by mistake.

What we love most: The category based, evergreen posting features. This is what separates SocialBee from the rest. Instead of churning out loads of posts on your own made up schedule, you can schedule with categories in mind. This ensures you get the best content mix across all your social profiles, just like the best social media marketers do.

Hands down, this is our favourite social media management software ever, and we’ve tried them all.

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2. Facebook

Facebook is The king of social media and the one with the largest amount of users across the globe.

Facebook has around 2 billion active users per month, making it the ultimate social media platform. 

In more recent times with the addition of Facebook Pages and also Facebook Ad Campaigns, the platform has become a marketing hub for businesses now with the ability to manage multiple campaigns and marketing to create brand awareness.


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3. Instagram

After being purchased by Facebook, it is safe to say that Instagram is going to be just as big as Facebook if not bigger in years to come.

Instagram provides a new dynamic to social media by allowing users to share pictures specific to them or their brand. A lot of influencers have grown out of Instagram, and it is used by some of the worlds largest brands. 

Instagram has added the memories, live and IGTV over the past few years to make it more interactive for users.


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4. Twitter

Following on from Facebook, Twitter was one of the most commonly used platforms around 5-10 years ago. Being the only platform to adopt a character limit for posts, 336 million people still use the platform on a monthly basis. And not to mention, one of the first platforms to adopt the hashtag (#)

If you want to know more about hashtags can help to improve your traffic, take a look at how Sprout Social have suggested you place them within your posts. Hashtag Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

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5. YouTube

The platform which we believe is going to grow the most in 2020. YouTube is taking the internet by storm, and with 1.8 billion users per month, more and more people are using this platform. With its new ways for people to document their lives, and also with the introduction of adverts, this is a great way to target and generate a new audience. 

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6. ContentCal

ContentCal is the ultimate tool for creating content as a team. You can gather content ideas and inspiration from any number of sources, build the perfect content plan and approve and collaborate on that content with your team. Once you’ve crafted the perfect content to help you get found online, you can automate the publishing of this content to all of your social media pages, then analyse the performance of that content and understand what’s worked well and why. Finally, you can respond to any messages, comments and mentions of your brand across social media channels in one team inbox.

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7. Hootsuite

The social media management tool which has automated the way in which people post on their various platforms. For businesses that do not have a lot of time, being able to schedule posts means you can stay consistent. 

Hootsuite does have a lot of competitors with new platforms coming onto the market. However, Hootsuite has a great way to track progress with your social media, conduct campaigns through the platform, and also collate your feeds into one screen.

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8. Captiona

If you do not have time to think of new captions then using Captiona is a great way to generate new captions for Instagram and Snapchat. With the average account posting more than 5 times a week, it can sometimes be difficult to think of new and authentic captions. 

Captiona takes keywords related to the image or picture you are posting, and generates captions which may be suitable.

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9. Story Slicer 

Need to edit videos for Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp? Then Story Slicer is the one for you. Taking videos you have already recorded, or even recording straight into the application it provides you with a very easy, and basic way to edit. 

Only coming iOS does limit the usage, but nonetheless its a super application. 

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10. Planoly

Planoly is specific to Instagram, and allows you to plan out your posts to see how they will look on your instagram profile. This is very useful when trying to reveal a product or logo across your Instagram grid. An added feature is it also gives you analytics on each of your posts to see how they perform and are performing.

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To conclude

We have only just scratched the surface with what we believe to be the 10 best social media and content apps for 2020. With more and more starting each and every month, it can be difficult to pick which ones to use. However our list has focused on the long standing companies who have changed the face of marketing forever.

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