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Where will lead gen be 1 year from now?


Potentially by now you have read the numerous articles on Lead Generation, and how it can impact your business. But where will Lead Generation be a year from now? Now we cannot predict the future (as if we could then wow, we would be special), however as experts in the industry this is what we feel is likely to happen.

Where is Lead Generation now?

With the economic climate becoming increasingly harder, and the amount of startups and new companies entering various industries on the rise, being able to generate customers is potentially the most competitive it ever has been.

Lead Generation is growing, however the idea of being able to outsource what effectively is your business development process has been slower on the uptake. We feel this is because this element of building a business is seen as a trust piece. Companies need to be able to trust Lead Generation experts to be able to deliver what they are looking for.

Lead Generation strategies are changing..

With the ever increasing technology in our world, and how much digital content is being created, customers and consumers are exposed to so much data. Now your online presence is so important to being able to market your product or service. The generation of leads also follow a set trend. The strategies used today will be ever changing. We feel the most popular strategies being used a year from now will be, and the reasons are:-

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and even LinkedIn are attracting more and more members each day. With3 Billion people by 2021 having access to at least one of these platforms. As the use of social media to market prodcuts grows, so does potential customers. Having an active presence on social media, engaging your audience will help to generate leads, alongside it also being mostly free to use.

2. SEO

The need for engaging content is growing. Having your content SEO optimised correclty, can mean you are found by people looking for more information on your chosen area. SEO content has grown and will continue grow. For example 96% of business to business customers like to know through the use of content that they are dealing with a market expert.

3. Landing Pages

The way in which people use websites is changing. They want to be able to get all the information they can in a the shortest time possible. The percntage of customers who leave details on a landing page is declining, however the use of content linked with a landing page could see this becme successful again. Landing pages tie in very well with telesales. Lead Generation through this method is far more qualified, as potentia customers have left their details for a specific reason.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still very popular. However, due to changes in companies being able to house peoples data, and also everyone be more conscious of junk mail it is hard to get a larger response rate. However, it is very easy to track. Giving clear information is key for this to stay successful alongside the emergence of other strategies.

5. Telesales

The days of cold calling are decreasing, however still very popular amongst sales companies. Like with email marketing, the changes in data protection could make this strategy more difficult to utilise in the future. However, unlike all the other methods this has the most human element, which a lot of people prefer. Telesales are also linked to methods that require leads to be chased once they are passed to a business. Therefore creating a place for it in the future.

To Summarise..

We think it is safe to say Lead Generation is only going to keep growing. As the world develops, and start ups open every week in various sectors, the competition for a client base will increase. Therefore, if you can have qualified and direct leads, the premium for these will only ever increase. We feel you will see however, a change in marketing strategies, and the way in which leads are generated. With more ways being developed as the years go on.

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