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5 Best SEO Tools In 2020

SEO is a key focus for many businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to making their mark online. SEO is a great way to build your organic traffic levels, helping to increase your brands chances of ranking high up in the search engine. To do this, there are a variety of tools which you can use to help your business take that next step in your SEO journey. In our latest article, Lead Genera analyses the 5 best SEO tools in 2020.

Why Do We Need SEO Tools?

With such an emphasis on the use of SEO as well as how documented the results can affect your business, the use of tools has been rising. These tools are designed to give you an in-depth look at your website or individual content pages so that you can better improve your ranking. Having a higher ranking is a necessity in today’s world, so the use of tools are really beneficial for your business.

What Are The Tools?

Now we understand why we need to use SEO tools. We can now look at the 5 best SEO tools in 2020. More and more companies have built platforms which benefit a business, however there a few that stand out to many. These tools include the following:-


Ahrefs is one of the most highly recommended SEO tools in the world today. In terms of website crawlers, it is only second to Google which shows how much value can be added. One of the best features of this tool is the fact that it highlights what part of your website needs extra support in order to help it rank higher. A great tool if you have a keen focus on SEO and organic traffic. 

With competitor focus being a big part of marketing, Ahrefs helps you to compare your SEO and website ranking against them. Allowing you to see what keywords they rank for, what pages rank higher and also how healthy their site is. By focusing on your competitors you can look to capture their share of the market to help grow your own.

Google Search Console

As far as free tools go Google Search console is more than just an SEO tool. In actual fact it helps to understand what more about your website. Free to use, Google search console shows you in depth stats about which pages are being viewed and also what pages people navigate away from.

In terms of SEO, it shows what pieces of content or pages are ranking and also their positions. This helps to understand what improvements can be made to the SEO on that page in order to help it rank higher. You do not need Google Search Console to be found by the search engine, however it also helps you to decide what content you are indexing. Understanding how Google views your site is very beneficial as the majority of people all want to rank on that platform.


SEMRush is one of the most popular and best used platforms in the world today. For SEO folks they are easily able to access rankings and identify ways in which they can help to develop new opportunities. By having all of the analytical data in place, SEMRush makes the life of an SEO expert easier as it helps to compare keywords and domains to ensure that you are competing with those around you.

With an emphasis on On-Page SEO as well, the built in checker tool easily allows you to monitor your rankings as well as look at suggestions on how you can best improve your own ranking for your selected keywords.


Moz software has been around for a while, and even with the changes in Google’s search algorithm it has remained one of the best ways to track and better your SEO. An all-in-one option for most, Moz helps you take care of site crawls and also keyword recommendations. Both are very beneficial for taking your website to the next level. 

Where Moz does stand out amongst the rest is the free to download MozBar. The Mozbar helps to show your stores or websites metrics when you are browsing any of the pages. This helps to give real time information to overall benefit your business.


Ubersuggest is one of the newest platforms that was acquired and redeveloped by Neil Patel. His platform is more keyword related, and uses them to show you the top ranking SERP’s for each of them. From either a short-tail or long-tail keyphrase you are able to identify what is going to be best for your page to rank. This platform is great for those focusing on SEO as well as PPC that need to find the top ranking keyphrases.

To Conclude

As SEO looks to be a mainstay in the marketing world, more and more companies are shifting their focus. The 5 best SEO tools in 2020 are what have transformed how effective organic traffic can be for your business. As the world is an ever changing landscape being able to continue to develop, grow your ranking and also grow your following, the use of SEO tools looks as if it will remain for the future.

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