Get Me a Boiler


The Plan

The Client:

Get Me a Boiler provide gas boiler installations, boiler services, and boiler repairs to their customers. They use Gas Safe Registered engineers to get you a new boiler the next day to ensure you have a warm home, and heating, and hot water. The team is dedicated to providing the best boiler installation for their customers.

The Brief:

Get Me a Boiler approached us wanting to generate more leads for their business to help them grow and expand. Their current website wasn’t generating the amount of leads they wanted.

They wanted to have a one page website making to make it easy for their customers to find out the most vital information. And guide them through the process of purchasing the boiler. This would help increase conversions from views to leads. As well as leads to customers.

Their original site was built using HTML Raw and Static HTML pages. There was no redirect to a thank you page once they had completed the form. This meant they were unable to setup tracking conversions.

The Result:

We worked closely with Get Me a Boiler to restructure their website to help increase conversions. Taking their current website from HTML Raw and turning it into a WordPress website. We added animations on the page to make the page pop more and ensure it stands out from competitors.

Once the work on the website was complete, we were able to start PPC campaigns and paid advertisements for the new website. The restructure meant we were able to generate 50 leads in the first month for.

Additional Info

Client Website: Get Me a Boiler

Production Time: 2 Weeks

Platform: WordPress

Additional Works: 

  • SEO optimise the site
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO and meta tags
  • Linking contact form to emails via API
  • PPC campaigns
  • Paid advertisements

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