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The Plan

The Client:

Heating Connect have a solid reputation and pride themselves on their professional boiler service, repairs and installations. With a wealth of experience in the heating industry, as well as good and honest advice, you can be sure they’ll keep your home warm and safe. They have on hand fully trained engineers that will guide you through the trials and tribulations of installing a new boiler or repairing one that’s just broken down on you.

The Brief:

To create a mobile optimised website with a defined user experience whereby users can book a service, repair or installation for their boiler or central heating system. The site needs to be engaging, easy to use and navigate, and most of all needs to capture peoples details while they are in a frenzy looking for the cheapest option.

Data Capture: 

We designed and implemented a bespoke lead capture quote enquiry tool. In our experience, this form of data capture enhances your conversions by up to 70% when compared to standard contact forms. These can be bland and boring. We chose to use this style of data capture as it’s engaging, quick and simple, and helps to nurture the user into leaving their contact details.Qualifying questions are asked throughout the journey of the enquiry tool. The data is then captured and API’d directly into a Google sheet, then into the company CRM.Such quick access to leads as they land enables the client to make contact with prospects within the first 5-10 minutes of them landing. This enhances conversion rates by up to 400% (as cited on HubSpots annual conversions report).

Additional Info

Client Website: Boiler Servicing NottinghamProduction Time: 2 WeeksPlatform: WordPressAdditional Works: 

  • Mobile optimisation
  • Variant of website for mobile
  • SEO on brand name
  • Marketing strategy consultancy
  • Analytics implementation

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