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5 Best Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

With all that is going on across the globe at the moment, more and more businesses are pulling the purse strings that little bit tighter to ensure they have enough in the reserve to see them through. But what about life after Covid-19? Marketing is integral to a company as it builds awareness. In this blog we will focus on the 5 best ways to market your business on a budget.

Socialise on Social Media 

Social Media, is free and it’s booming. Ensuring your company or business is visible on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are going to be really important for brand identity and growth. People are notoriously spending more time on their devices at the moment, so now is the time to engage.

As we are not able to go outside and meet our clients or customers, talk to them through social media. That could be in posts to your network or followers, or even via direct message. Keeping your brand in their mind will only serve you in the future. And what is even better, is that it’s completely free to sign up and get involved.

Create Valuable Content 

As we have said time and time again content is king, and even now that is no different. If anything content is now even more valuable. With most people at home working, or on the governments furlough scheme people now have time to digest content. Be that on social media, or in the form of blogs and articles.

Focus on your audience. Show some humility to the situation, and engage them in conversation via social media. Or even write an insightful blog on your industry and how you think it is going to affect you moving forward. People look for honest, engaging and informative content with now being the time to give it to them.

Contests and Giveaways 

Everyone loves a freebie, so why not do a giveaway. Most people will enter a contest or giveaway as it’s free regardless of the prize. And you do not need to spend a lot of money on something, just something fitted to your audience. Many will use this as a chance to get their members to tag or mention their friends and connections.

This is all about reach, and getting your brand heard far and wide. So give it a go. Beware however, do not be overkill. Many businesses do them too often which really does dilute their market. Be strategic, and use it every once in a while.

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Most of your audience if they are searching online, or reading your content are looking for help or support in some way. Therefore, think of ways in which you can help them. Give them advice, answer questions on a forum or even do a question and answer piece on social media. Whatever you think will work with your audience then try. 

What this does is builds up your reputation. Ultimately, this is what success is built on; it’s a reputation of trust. Giving away advice, or helping people solve issues only cements that reputation further. From it you may see customers come to you as they are recommended or trusted by others.

Conduct Online Advertising 

The whole point of this article is to talk about working on a budget with your marketing. Online advertising does have a cost attached, especially if you are looking to use PPC or any other form of paid advertising. The beauty is that you can work to a specific budget helping you to be careful with your money. 

Explore the various ways in which you can conduct some marketing online for a small fee. PPC is possibly the most popular now with many companies using it alongside organic methods such as SEO. With PPC you can control your spends, and really be in line with your budget. Other methods may include print or other forms of digital advertising. 

Just be aware that you are investing money into your marketing. Make sure it is suited to your audience, and is going to help you see a return on investment.

To Conclude

As you can see marketing does not need to be expensive, and can be easily done from anywhere in the world. Being able to create a brand presence now will only mean once the global pandemic reaches a close you are able to come out on top. Other than paid advertising marketing is free, it just takes some creativity and some time.