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Branding is your identity. Your logo, colour scheme and website are important parts of your corporate identity.

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When it comes to design, the funnel goes deep.

Branding and design are present in every process of a digital project, from logo to font, and colour schemes to language style. Getting your overall branding right will make a massive difference to your online conversion rate.

Your company name and your logo should represent you in both black and white or colour, but must be recognisable across all media and company materials. We can design your logo from scratch, or work with you to update your logo as part of a wider branding exercise. We can also keep your existing logo and work our magic with your colour scheme.

Every little detail can make a difference, from a simple font change to a new colour palette. We offer a full range of branding services with the sole aim of generating you more revenue through better design.

The look and feel of your branding say more than your choice of company name.

Colours conjure up emotions and act as indicators that help consumers make subconscious decisions; each colour has different positive and negative meanings and this needs to be considered when deciding what scheme you want representing your business.

For example, blue colour psychology can provide consumers with positive feelings of stability, calmness and trust, but if used in the wrong way can provide consumers with a sense of depression and you coming across as cold and uncaring.

So choosing the colour scheme for your branding isn’t simply choosing your favourite colour and finding complementary colours for it – we work hard to carefully consider how you want to be perceived, and which colours best represent your values.

Brand Recognition.

Brand recall, or brand recognition is another important factor, especially in a crowded marketplace. Having a memorable corporate identity makes it easier for customers to remember who you are and where they should return to when they next want something. It is also useful when people are browsing the internet researching who they want to buy from – you want people to associate your brand with their needs, and leave an enticing mental mark.

Branding is an important part of the overall design process. There may be lots to consider when it comes to corporate identity, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Our wealth of expertise makes this creative exercise fun and enjoyable.

Branding and Design That Stands Above Your Competitors.

We pride ourselves on getting under your corporate skin to fully understand what you offer to customers and clients, so that we can deliver branding designs that help you stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors, with branding that truly represents your values and entices customers to transact with you instead of someone else.

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