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The Guide to Social Media SEO for Business Growth

The boom in digital marketing over the past few years has had many a business turn to using Social Media and SEO. Both have great qualities, and can really help to build and develop your business. But what about combining the two? Social Media SEO is a reference to how Social Media activities can be used for boosting your website’s traffic. The guide to Social Media SEO for business growth will show you exactly how to achieve it.

The Importance of Social Media for SEO

The use of Social Media as a marketing tool does not affect your overall Google Ranking. Regardless of how well your content is written, sharing it on Social platforms is not going to have any impact, however it will help to gain you exposure. Outside of just exposure, Social Media can really help to affect your brand in the following ways:-


People will fall into two categories. The first is they will not know where to search for your content, or content they may want to read. And the second is they will not be bothered to search for the content they want. Luckily social media does both!

By posting your content on social media frequently, you house this all in one location. It is easy for people to find the content they want, and also build up that association that it is content you have written. This simple tip can really help to increase your overall amount of traffic.


The existence of your brand, and also how successful it is can realistically be gauged on social media. Having a presence that is consistent, and also a pleasure to see will help to build audience trust. Social Media is a great way for your audience to interact with your brand as well.

Showcasing your brand is a really great way to get it noticed, and your content is going to be the best supporting feature. From your audience interacting with your brand you can collate that valuable data to then tailor your marketing moving forward.

Social Proof

A search engine will also pay attention to what is known as social proof. Most people who are within your audience will turn to social media to look for reviews, and also those who work in an influencer capacity.

How it Will Impact Search Rankings 

Generating and impacting your search rankings is going to take time. Doing the following does not mean you will jump into the first spot on Google or Bing. However putting the right practises in place will help you along this road.

Increased Traffic

The more high quality content you are able to produce, the better chance you have of increasing your traffic. Traffic will flow to your website if you are able to engage your audience, and provide value. They are two key elements which cannot be ignored when building out your content strategy.

Posting on social media may also help you to attract a new type of audience. One share on someone’s page, and an extra follow here can soon mount up. The more traffic you have, the better chance you have of converting people into customers or clients.

Backlink Generation

Sharing content allows you to create backlinks, and backlinks will help to generate a new audience. If you are good enough to have other businesses use you as a backlink, you are then gaining traction off of the back of their content. Backlinks are a fundamental of SEO, so it is definitely needed.

Optimising Social Media on Your Website

So you now have your SEO plan, we need to optimise your social media. Making sure your social media is easy to use, clear and has the necessary information for your audience is going to be important to your success.


Content is king, and quality over quantity is what is going to stand you in good stead to compete with your competitors. Ensure your content is engaging and really does pull your reader in. This could be the first time your brand is seen by your audience so make sure it’s also informative.

Easy Sharing

Making content easy to share is going to be super important for generating extra traffic. If your content cannot be shared to other connections or followers then you will always confine yourself to those in your immediate network. The idea with embedding it into your social media is to increase that overall reach.

To Conclude

Utilising your Social Media to help build your SEO is a great way to gain a new following and audience. Social Media is the backbone of promoting yourself, your business and more so in this case your content. Ensure you have a presence on the most valuable platforms for your industry. And in time you will see that traffic percentage increase. If you liked this article, feel free to check out more on our Knowledge Hub.