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How To Choose A Web Design Agency

If you are a new business or even a business that needs a website overhaul then you are going to be looking at a web design agency to help you along the journey. With a vast array of companies to choose from, navigating who may be best for you can sometimes seem tricky when it does not need to be. In our latest article Lead Genera have put together a guide on how to choose a web design agency.

Why Is A Website Important

To put some context on why choosing a web design agency is important we firstly need to look at why a website is important. A website is like putting your business in the shop window, and gives your customers a destination to find out more about you. Therefore having a website which is easy to use, user friendly and also informative is important. Choosing who should build this for you is a key business decision for pushing you forward.

Things To Consider When Choosing

When choosing who should complete the design of your website there are some key factors to look at. Understanding these factors will help to decide if the agency is a business you would like to partner with, and also if their expertise is going to match your expectations. Some of the factors to consider when deciding how to choose a web design agency include the following:-

Previous Work

The first place to start is going to be looking at their previous work. This will give you a good understanding of what your website may look like, or to at least what standard it is going to be finished to. Previous work is also a good marker for how they may build a website tailored to your industry. We look more into relevant experience in the next part of this guide.

Relevant Experience

Relevant experience can be separated into two sections. Firstly will be experience building a website you require. Most websites have other functions like quote tools or client logins, so ensuring that the agency you can choose has experience in these areas will help to produce better success. 

The next part will be relevant to the industry you work in. Some industries are very niche, so making sure they have a knowledge of that industry, what is appealing to customers and how to build something effective will only benefit your business in the long run. However, it goes without saying do not put too much emphasis on industries. Most agencies will conduct thorough research into other companies for inspiration when designing.

What’s Their Website Like

Let’s be honest if they have a second rate website then chances are they are not going to give your project the best of looks either. Having a well branded, easy to use and user experience focused website will speak volumes about what they like to achieve with you. If they have a great website, it’s easy to navigate and gives you all of the information you require then they should definitely be up for consideration.

Size Of The Team (Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better)

Some feel that if it is a larger agency that more will get done, as well as there being more expertise. This is definitely not the case for many reasons. A smaller agency will most likely only be working on a few projects at once, so they have a better commitment to you and are not just churning websites for fun. This will also mean most likely one point of contact be that the owner, or someone from the development team. Therefore it is easier to convey messages. 

One other point to mention is that smaller agencies tend to be more fluid and agile in their working. This means they can adapt to work in a way which is suitable to their clients. Overall leading to higher levels of success.


Understanding how the agency you are dealing with will handle the build of your website is very important. This will also give you a benchmark to what input you are going to need from a content and design perspective. In this part of the selection process you will also be able to ascertain how long your website build should take.

For example at Lead Genera we focus heavily on the design phase of your website build and before we start any website we present all of our clients with a pre-build design. This is us showing you what your website will look like with all images, logos and content attached. This is where we can ensure our clients are happy, or if any amendments need to be made prior to starting an actual build.

What Are The People Like

One of the biggest things to consider is do you like the people you are choosing to work with. Building a professional relationship and rapport with them quickly will ultimately make the build run a lot smoother. Do you feel like you are able to ask questions, ask for progress checks and trust the people you are paying to complete work for you. If you find you get on with them, then this is usually a sign you should go ahead.

To Conclude

So there you have it, our mini guide on how to choose a web design agency. Having a website built for your business is key to building your brand and creating a destination for your audience. Therefore ensuring it is built well and does what it needs to is key. Choosing your design agency needs to be based on who you think is going to do the best job for you, be that bigger or smaller. 

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