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The Plan

The Client:

A1WebStats identifies the visitors to your website and their page by page movements. They provide insights into why your website and business are not getting more leads from the people that visit. The insights highlight what you are achieving from your marketing, time, and budget. Giving you the tools you need to improve your website and marketing strategy.A1WebStats offers a free 30-day trial for their services. And after the trial, prices start from just £30 per month.

The Brief:

A1WebStats approached us wanting to give their current website a facelift. The website was outdated and need revamping to make it more modern. The branding and colours of the website were to be kept the same in the more modern version.Their current website was bringing a lot of organic traffic from the current content they had. This meant they wanted to include it in their revamp to keep bringing that organic traffic in. Having a strong flow of organic traffic means they don’t have to spend as much on marketing.

The Result:

This project entailed taking an outdated design and revamping it with a modern facelift. The website was clocking a considerable amount of organic traffic from its current content. This made the content a very important element of the redesign. We carried out a full SEO audit at the beginning, which determined which content was to be kept, redirected, or unindexed from search engines.The next stage was determining where each content set would live on the new website, which was a heavily design-led part of the project. Then we cracked on with the build over 3 months and launched the new site in December 2020.

Additional Info

Client Website: Identify Your Web VisitorsProduction Time: 3 monthsPlatform: WordPressAdditional Works: 

  • SEO optimise the site
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO and meta tags
  • Linking contact form to emails via API
  • SEO audit

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