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The Plan

The Client:

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is a combined authority covering the ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire in the East of England. The authority was established on 3 March 2017. The authority is led by the directly elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, with Conservative James Palmer winning the first elections in May 2017.The key objective here was for an advanced, fresh, SEO optimised website solution with granular analytics that supports external communication with stakeholders, helping to disseminate and automate information about the Combined Authority.The website should show clearly how Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority is making a difference and the benefits of this, increasing engagement and sign posting people to the information.The website will continue to host Board meeting agenda and calendars in a simple interactive way that enables easy access to live streaming.

The Brief:

A new robust and scalable digital platform which enables the following benefits, amongst others:• Provide external audiences with accurate, up to date and helpful information that they aresearching for not what we want to provide• Increased engagement via sign up and use of chat bot functions• Showcase the Combined Authority’s successes with details of our current projects• Promote and foster transparency and openness• Improve and innovate methods of communication to the Combined Authority’s targetaudiences• Greater in house control, hence quicker technical resolution and reduced cost (and relianceon) external providers• Site that conforms to recognised accessibility standards• Foster collaboration, integration and knowledge around the Combined Authority• Access to information 24/7• Fulfils good practice and legal and governance requirements• Hubspot Micro page for Prospectus (under construction)• Link / rationalise seamlessly in design to micro sites and build in scalability for further sites.

Additional Info

The Result:

The previous website, in the clients words felt “clunky”, there seemed to be no defined user journeys and this was creating a confusing and ultimately frustrating user experience. There was a lot of negativity internally towards the CMS the site was powered by, which was Silver Stripe.By providing a smooth, interesting and engaging experience we can expect users that return to the site and act as ambassadors telling their friends how useful it is. This will create a stronger bond between Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority and the people they serve.We needed to keep audiences engaged, give them the information they are looking for quickly and easily, whilst encouraging a deeper use of the website. Drawing users further into the website meant more of the content would become useful and reach a wider audience.Additional Works:

  • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation
  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Interactive Map Builds (x3)
  • Building A ‘My Area’ map for easy navigation
  • WordPress CMS Implementation
  • Data migration & cleansing
  • Reimplementation of CMIS System

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