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GB Hydroponics

The Plan

The Client:

GB Hydroponics are an online hydroponics grow store based in Bradford.
They dominate the online e-commerce space up north for hydroponics & growing systems and accessories. 

The Brief:

Turn the current website (from a previous web agency) into an online e-commerce store. Upload 1000+ products to the website. Add checkout & purchase functions. Add an easy to use menu featuring all of the many product categories. SEO optimise all products and start driving organic traffic. Prepare the website for PPC advertising to increase and maximise sales.

Additional Info

Client Website: GB Hydroponics

Production Time: 3 Weeks

Platform: WordPress

Additional Works: 

  • Add a language filter tool to the site
  • Add a ‘search filter’ function to the site
  • Creating an online e-commerce store
  • Adding 1,000+ products to the product library
  • Designing & collecting product images for all products
  • Restructuring the website so that people can purchase products online
  • SEO optimisation for all products
  • Paid search advertising (PPC)

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