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The Plan

The Client:

The client, in this case, was HGV Learning, a business that provides specialist training for those wishing to gain suitable licenses for careers in heavy-goods lorry driving. As a result, data capture and lead generation as the focal point of all our activities.

The Objective:

Our partnership with HGV Learning involved creating a new-look branding for the company that is suitable for digital purposes. From there we created a website, geared towards data capture, which included SEO-optimised content that continues to drive relevant traffic to the site. We accelerated this with a paid ads campaign that maintains an impressive rate of new leads on both Google and various social media platforms.

Additional Info

The Result:

Production Time: 4 weeks Platform: WordPressAdditional Works: 

  • Digital branding
  • Web design
  • Web development and build
  • SEO-optimised content fix
  • PPC ads
  • Social media ads

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