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The Plan

The Client:

MEGAPot™ is a revolutionary hydroponics system that utilizes gravity to water soil, coco or any type of medium. No water pumps or plug sockets are required. Designed specifically with the hydroponic grower in mind, MEGAPot allows you to gain MEGA yields, bigger than you’ve ever seen.

The Brief:

To build a quick, simple and authentic e-commerce store that allows suppliers and customers to purchase products in a few clicks.

Additional Info

Client Website: MEGAPot

Production Time: 3 Weeks

Platform: WordPress

Additional Works:

  • Add a language changing tool to the site
  • Add a ‘search filter’ function to the site
  • Creating an online e-commerce store
  • Designing company logo
  • Designing marketing media pack for suppliers
  • Producing company banner for live stands
  • Producing marketing materials

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