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The Plan

The Client:

Whatever your reason for selling your property, Norwich Home Buyers can help you sell your house quick with no hassle. They work with a tight network throughout Norwich in a range of different circumstances who need to sell a property in a timescale that suits them. Whether you’re relocating for work, splitting with your partner, have inherited an unwanted property or just need to release some equity, Norwich Home Buyers can help in any situation.

The Brief:

To design a property sourcing website for Norwich Home Buyers. Quick. Easy. Simple. The aim of the website is to capture users details so they can be contacted regarding selling their property. This process cannot be done entirely online as there’s so much to be accounted for. With this in mind, the website needed to be easy to navigate and straight to the point.

The Result:

We created a bespoke quote enquiry tool for Norwich Home Buyers. The main scope of the project was to create a website that represents the brand firstly. Simple, straight forward and straight to the point. Next, we looked towards how best to capture users details and keep that in mind during the whole user experience.We opted for an easy to use quote enquiry tool that enhances engagement rates, and improves conversions from traffic into leads. The final phase was ranking the brand through a highly competitive market, amongst RightMove, Zoopla which are gigantic competitors within the same property sourcing industry.

Additional Info

Client Website: Norwich Home BuyersProduction Time: 3 WeeksPlatform: WordPressAdditional Works: 

  • Designing a clear user experience
  • SEO, ranking in a highly competitive market
  • Lead capture & easy data capture
  • Simple, straight forward, easy to use website.

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