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This Is A Limited Edition

The Plan

The Client:

This is a Limited Edition offers limited edition art prints, gifts and homeware designed by internationally acclaimed artists.

The Brief:

We were tasked to implement a back end system for artists so they can login, see their royalties earned and download reports based on their selling history. This work was based on top of a bespoke built CMS system the client was unfortunately stuck with, so the work came with its challenges.

The Result:

Artists are now able to login to their own back-end portal on the website and view their orders, old and new, generate reports on screen, download reports, and generally get a better understanding of the value they’re generating as an artist selling on the platform.

Additional Info

Client Website: This Is A Limited Edition

Production Time: 2 Weeks

Platform: Bespoke / Custom

Additional Works: 

  • PHP Development
  • Back end development
  • CMS development
  • CMS integration
  • Login systems

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