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The Plan

The Client:

WUSBI is a free service provided by A1WebStats and is dedicated to helping businesses gain more enquiries from their website visitors. WUSBI is like no other service on earth. It’s free but can only be used once per website. After completing your details, WUSBI will analyse your website visitors over a two week period. You then receive a report that highlights where you are missing opportunities, and what you need to do. After implementing those recommendations you will gain higher enquiries/sales related to the website page that was analysed.

The Brief:

The client knew exactly what they wanted and had envisioned the whole process. Lead Genera were the expertise that helped join up all the technical dots and build it into a workable end product.

The Project:

Really fun, design based project. The technical aspect of the build allowed us to get creative with API’s straight into the clients CRM. This made for a fun and quirky, quick and engaging user experience whereby the end user gets a benefit out of the site and the client gets an opportunity to talk to a warm lead when they make contact.

Additional Info

Client Website: WUSBIProduction Time: 2 WeeksPlatform: WordPress / Custom Design & BuildAdditional Works: 

  • Front End Development
  • Design & Branding
  • Creation of brand figure head
  • Website Design
  • API integration

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