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Is LinkedIn the Ultimate Business Tool

LinkedIn has grown in popularity over the years, mainly due to its great networking capacity. The platform is one of a kind, and brings other professionals to build out their network, promote themselves, and also promote their business. And it’s free for all these features. With all this in mind is LinkedIn the ultimate business tool? 

What are the types of profiles you can have?

As with all social media they have adapted to fit to the new users in which they have. LinkedIn is very much the same, even though it caters to a very specific audience. When joining you will be placed onto the basic account. This will allow you to build a profile and start connecting with people. There is a limit to the amount of connections each day, but will be enough to get you started. 

If there is a need for something with a bit more power then there is a premium subscription which can be paid monthly or yearly. This gives you access to InMails, Insights and also ability to connect with more people. This is more for the power user, and those who really want to build out their network. It is very useful for those in business development or recruitment roles. 

Outside of the personal profile comes the business pages. A business page is a really good tool as you can house all your information here. This could be announcements, content or just information pieces you want to sell. It also allows your employees to be associated with your business and branding. A very useful tool, and it’s free and easy to set up.

Tips and Ideas to maximise your LinkedIn presence

The tips and ideas below are some of the elements you can explore in order to make LinkedIn the ultimate business tool.

  • Build a LinkedIn company page 

A company page is a great way to promote your business. Information needed will include branding, logo and a brief blurb about your company. Being informative, and interesting in your company bio is what will also help to attract people. 

The company page you have is also a great place to promote content. This will help your audience to build up an association with your brand, and also a reputation for your company. Your staff will also be attached to this business page on their own profile. Utilise them to share business page content, and promote it for you. This will ultimately help to make the reach of your business wider.

  • Publish Valuable Content 

Content is always going to be king, and on LinkedIn it could not be more true. Posting links to articles you like, or content you have written is a great way to drive traffic. Also, if you have put together your network well enough then those reading should be the type of audience you will want to approach. 

The content you need to publish has to add value, and also be informative. Ensure your content is focused around key issues in industry, interests of your audience or advice on products/services in which you offer. It’s great to get feedback from your network as well.

  • Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are one of the forgotten fruits of LinkedIn. Groups allow you to converse, and join networks which are of interest to you. For example if you work in the IT sector you may join one which is centered around software development. Connecting with like minded people allows you to share content, and engage more.

Start by joining a few local ones as well. By joining a few locally you may find that you can build your network with people who you may do business with. Having a good name locally could lead to plenty of business opportunities.

  • Go Global with Multi Language Tools 

LinkedIn has the power to translate descriptions in up to twenty languages. Therefore if you have or are looking to have customers around the globe then you definitely need to be using this social platform. The platform will match the selected language for all users and automatically change the descriptions on posts to suit their settings. 

Ensure that when you post your content you make it open to international locations as well. This will mean you are able to build a reputation with international users as well, and show them that you are dedicated to working in other areas.

  • Utilise LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads is a form of paid advertising which has become popular as the platform has grown. As paid advertising goes it is one of the better ones as it matches your target criteria more effectively based on interests and skills. 

In terms of ad types there are three that you are able to choose from. Sponsored content and text ads are more common, and involve bolstering out your content reach so it’s viewed by more people. The third option is the sponsored InMail. InMail is a great way to reach those who you are not connected with. However, a full sales pitch with InMail can sometimes lack effect.

Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm

Unlike most of the social media platforms, LinkedIn makes their algorithm very much open to their users. This is good as it does mean you can make sure you are playing the game as such to ensure your content and profile is seen in the wider community. The algorithm looks like this:-

  • A bot evaluates your content for spam

Having an initial check for spam means there are checks to see if your content is of high quality.

  • Measured initial user engagement 

Your content is marked on the basis of user engagement, and how much it is viewed or liked. If there is a lack of engagement, or your content is being selected as hidden this is not good for its ranking.

  • Further checks for spam 

The profile and content is then checked again for spam. The credibility of the account and quality of your network is also reviewed. Engagement is also very important at this stage as well.

  • Human Editors review content 

A human will review the content and decide if it is worthy of being viewed by those on LinkedIn. And also if it can be part of the LinkedIn Ads part of the platform.

To Conclude

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, and is used worldwide by business people and businesses alike. No matter what industry or role you hold it is a great way to build your professional network. A professional network can help when it comes to job opportunities, and also chances to provide services or collaborate. So the answer to the main question is LinkedIn the ultimate business tool yes it is.

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