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Standing Out on The Catwalk of Business

With London fashion week coming to a close where all the designers have been bidding for top spot and demonstrating their designs. The catwalk is where new designs are shown, and the critics get their say, very much like in business. Standing out on the catwalk of business for a new company can be a challenge.

Looking at the things you do well as well, and also the things you do differently that can make you successful. However, for a new business deciding what they are can sometimes be difficult. We have put together this piece to show new companies where they should focus their efforts. 

Knowing your products & Building your brand

To begin with a company must begin to establish an identity within their market place alongside knowing which products and services they will be offering. International companies like Nike, Adidas, Gucci and Tesla have all done this superbly well, They have a clear company brand, and are some of the most recognisable. 

Now, we know as a start up business or even an established one it could take years upon years to reach these heights, however the principles are the same. Branding can come in many forms such as logos, colour schemes and also social media presence. 

In terms of linking branding to products, having a clear idea on your products or services is also a driver to success. Being able to clearly convey what your business does, and how you are different from your competitors are all things to consider. 

The Social Media Catwalk

With the rise in social media continuing year on year, it is now more important than ever to be present on the platforms available e.g. Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. To stand out from the crowd is also becoming increasingly more difficult, however some of the key points to focus on are as follows:-


Consistency is key. Posting once a week, or once per month is not going to gain the traffic that you need. Posting at least once per day is going to be key to building a following. And as your posts will show up on your followers time lines, you will need to make sure they are engaging.

Know your audience 

If you do not know who your audience are, then you will probably fall at the first hurdle. Knowing who you are trying to attract means you can adapt your posts to reflect what your chosen customer base would like to see.


Find out what is trending 

Very simple, what is trending in your current field. Sometimes being the same as your competitors means you are going to gain similar traffic. Failing that, offer comment or another perspective on what is trending to gain extra exposure.


Incentivising your customers is such a great way to generate a following. Many companies adopt this process, however not often enough. It could be 10% off your products, or even a voucher of their choice. Something that attracts people to your social media, and entices them to follow or like. 

In return you can ask for post shares, tagging friends, or even reposts on their own profile, This will help to grow your organic traffic.

If you want to find out more about how social media analytics can help your business, take a look at this article by social break. Social Media Blog

The Content & SEO Catwalk

Content is possibly the biggest driver of success within the marketing space. With people now digesting more and more content via tablets and mobile devices it is so important that companies have a presence in the form of blogs and articles. Previously companies would have shied away due to not knowing what to write, or in fear of having no traction. This has now changed. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is now the new way to attract customers. Using a mixture of short and long phrases means you can be found by people searching the internet. Many companies are now producing content, blogs and articles on a regular basis. This ensures they are at the forefront of their customers mind.

Now writing a blog is very simple, where companies are standing out is the informative and imaginative content they are producing. Articles and blogs that demonstrate a company’s knowledge of their chosen field, and even articles that create talking points are what make content so effective.

To Conclude

As you can see standing out on the catwalk of business can be very difficult to begin with. Perseverance will be a word you hear time and time again, but it is a keyword. Companies starting their journey will need to establish themselves, be different in their approach, as well as compete with others. Time and this keyword PERSEVERANCE are the things in order to be successful.

Stand out on the catwalk of business!