content marketing for lead generation
Content Marketing

Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Alongside utilising your Social Media platforms, you are now wondering how you can use your content to generate leads. With the world becoming more digital, and people engaging in what they see online, content is a great way to engage your audience in topics of interest. We have put together a break down of what Content Marketing is, and how it can aid in your lead generation. Happy Reading!

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract your audience. In layman’s terms, a way in which to attract customers to your brand through information.

The content that you write is based purely on the audience you are looking to attract. Some content is written purely from an informative perspective, to sell a product or service. However, content can also be put together to generate conversation, or discussion over a specific topic. Whatever your motive, both can generate leads.

How to write engaging Content

The process of writing engaging content can sometimes be over complicated. Writers tend to try and become ‘experts’ in their field, or try to be clever. When in actual fact, readers respond to more honest opinions on issues they are researching. An engaging content piece does not need to be too long, more straight to the point. This is a 3 step process to use when writing engaging content.

  • Choose a topic! Make the topic relevant to your audience, be this a piece where you pass on your knowledge of the industry, or a piece to create conversation. Either way both will create an opportunity to sell.
  • Be direct, be engaging. Talk to your audience like they were in front of you. This is your chance to either sell your knowledge, or sell your product. Also make sure to promote it across your social media channels for extra reach!
  • Be consistent and include a call to action. Don’t just create one piece of content and expect the leads to flood in. Post every week about something new and interesting. And at the end of each article, include a call to action. Like Get in Contact Now, or Comment Below with your thoughts.

How does Content generate Leads?

It comes back to the key word you will see in most of our articles ENGAGEMENT. Engagement means you are actively reaching out to your audience. Whether this is engaging them in conversation, or engaging them to approach you about your products. The people reading and responding to your articles, have a genuine interest in your product or service. Utilise this as your contact list, and make sure you respond to them all.

Planning your Content to generate leads

Companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nike, Adidas all use content in order to generate sales. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for your. Content can be planned around many things with the usual being specific times of year e.g. Christmas, Halloween, Valentines. Now clearly, not all these times of year are going to be applicable to everyone’s business, however focus on specific key times. If you run a heating business then focus on winter, if you run a tourism business focus on summer. It is very simple!

To Summarise

Content Marketing can definitely provide access to another area of your audience. With people commuting more frequently, and also spending more time on their devices, creating content which will engage your audience, promote conversation as well as promote your brand will only ever support your growth.

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