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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile

Instagram, one of the worlds most used and liked platforms. More and more companies and businesses are now utilising the platform as a way to grow their following, and also increase their potential revenue streams. Over 500 million of us use Instagram, and about 80% of us follow a business profile meaning reach is astronomical. This article will therefore discuss how to create the perfect Instagram profile.

Maximising your Instagram Profile

The process of maximising your Instagram profile is not overly complicated, and following the basic points below will put you on that road to success.

Public! Not a Private Profile

Instagram has a default setting whereby your profile will be set to public so everyone is able to see it. Making your profile private will defeat the object of this task. If your profile is private then anyone who searches or is tagged in your posts who is not a follower will not be able to view your content.

Recognisable and Searchable Username

Sometimes out of your control but having a searchable user name is vitally important to being found on Instagram. Most will search for whatever your business or company name is, so keeping it as close to that as possible is going to be vital. If your business or company name is taken, then try and use a variation which includes the name you want. Using your business name as the first part of your user name with a combination of symbols or numbers is usually going to help.

Searchable Business Name

Having an easily searchable business name is important outside of instagram anyway. But in this platform it is also very beneficial in relation to how to create the perfect instagram profile. As mentioned in the point above if you are not able to use your business name in the way you want you will still want to be found. Your business name will appear under the username you select when being searched for. The business name therefore will act as a second point of reference for the searcher, and regardless of your username you will be found.

The Profile Picture

Your profile photo is the first thing any of your searchers will see when they visit your Instagram profile. Making sure it is something recognizable and of good quality will only give your profile that added boost. Most will opt for their company logo, or branding. This is always a good go to as it will create that association with your brand. Getting your logo known is also great marketing. Nike, Coca Cola and Apple have all mastered this on another level. However, the principle is still the same.

Actionable and Informative Bio

As with your profile picture, your bio is in a very prominent space on your Instagram profile. Therefore making sure it has some form of call to action, and information about your business is vitally important. A bio profile only consists of a 150 word limit so in this time you need to give as much information as possible, and more so a reason to follow you. Many will use hashtags in their bio as well. This allows you to be found by hashtag not just username. Definitely worth looking at in order to extend that reach you are looking for.

Include Trackable Links in Your Bio

The way in which Instagram is built means it wants to house everyone on the app. There is not an extensive chance to be able to direct traffic away to websites and also content. Your bio is going to be one of very few chances for you to be able to do it. Within your bio include links that relate to your homepage or even blogs that you are writing. Many youtubers will use it as a chance to promote their newest video. If you are not into youtube then use it to promote your new content. If you are going to do this then make sure the links you are using have some form of tracking ability. Setting up Google Analytics one each page is good to see the traffic rate, and also who is clicking on your page. You can from here see the success of the links you are using.

Enable them Notifications

Having your phone or tablet going off the hook every five minutes may not be your idea of fun, however you need to keep an eye on them. They could be linked to you being mentioned in posts which you need to respond to, or direct messages about your products and services. Engagement on the platform is just as important as creating this great profile. Making sure you answer your followers and engage them in conversation will mean they are more likely to continue to come back to your page. Repeat visitors means better traffic rates.

High Quality Photos

Instagram is built off the back off photos, and ultimately is a photo sharing platform. The quality of your pictures will speak volumes about your brand and what you are trying to represent. This does not mean you have to be all creative, and produce the next amazing piece of art, but make sure the quality is top notch. The misconception for most is they feel if they do not post it will affect them. Yes this is true, and consistency is key. However, do not post any old picture just to satisfy a post. Make sure it represents your brand, or is appealing to your audience.

Suitable Hashtags

Hashtag, hashtag and hashtag. The basis of a lot of Instagram, and the right hashtags can put you in front of the right audience. The right audience can mean the right followers, and potentially a chance to turn these people into customers. If you are not sure on the hashtags that you need to use then use some of the free tools on the internet. They will show you what is trending in your sector, or on instagram as a whole. Make sure you include these in your posts when you start out to help you along the way.

To Conclude

Creating the perfect instagram profile can take time to do, and will all be dependent on the audience you are looking to attract. The two things that are clear are firstly that Instagram has great reach. It can really transform your business, and is a great social media tool. Secondly, the basics cannot be ignored. All the above points are very easy to implement. If you found our guide on how to create the perfect instagram profile then have a look at some of the articles we have put together to assist in building your knowledge of other areas of marketing.