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Instagram Influencer Myth Buster

Influencers within the past five years have been the way many brands have seen success, especially in the fashion industry. However, more and more influencers are arriving on the scene and being taken advantage of by a multitude of industries. Some are sceptical of if it does work. In our latest article we have constructed […]

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile

Instagram, one of the worlds most used and liked platforms. More and more companies and businesses are now utilising the platform as a way to grow their following, and also increase their potential revenue streams. Over 500 million of us use Instagram, and about 80% of us follow a business profile meaning reach is astronomical. […]

Should I use an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram is becoming one of the most used social media outlets for companies and businesses alike. Personal profiles have helped many build really strong brands, and ultimately led to some real positive success. In 2016 however Instagram introduced the business profile setting. So the question remains should I use an Instagram Business profile? Why Create […]

Improving Instagram Engagement

If you have started an Instagram page in 2020, you are probably thinking how am I supposed to start improving my instagram engagement. Instagram is growing. And with it being bought out by Facebook a few years back, it is set to potentially overtake Facebook for social media supremacy.  Increasing engagement does not need to […]

Instagram for Lead Generation

Instagram for Lead Generation Instagram has taken over the world!…Well not really but in terms of social media, it is challenging Facebook to be the number one platform in years to come. So much so Facebook acquired it. Social media platforms are now becoming a one stop shop for promotion of your brand, as well […]

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