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Improving Instagram Engagement

If you have started an Instagram page in 2020, you are probably thinking how am I supposed to start improving my Instagram engagement.

Instagram is growing. And with it being bought out by Facebook a few years back, it is set to potentially overtake Facebook for social media supremacy.

Increasing engagement does not need to be difficult. This article will focus on the top 10 ways in which you can increase Instagram Engagement.

Table of contents:

    What does Improving Instagram engagement mean?

    Instagram engagement is how the public or your followers interact with any of the content you post on the platform. All users want to increase their engagement rate as it will make them stand out in the crowd.

    Taking Instagram’s engagement rate with a pinch of salt is also not to be forgotten.

    Instagram is constantly changing how their algorithm works, so you may see your engagement fluctuate. Nevertheless, engagement will help you to be noticed, and could lead to new customers.

    #1 Know Your Audience

    Knowing your audience, and the things they will most likely engage with is going to be key. No matter if this is on social media, or just the brand as a whole, you need to know your audience.

    This will allow you to tailor your posts, caption and potentially post times to capture your audition.

    #2 Dont Preach-Everyone loves a story!

    No one likes people that preach, so tell a story. Link an image to something people can relate to, and ask people to share their experiences and knowledge.

    This creates an open forum for people to engage with you.

    #3 Engaging Posts

    To create engagement, you need to have engaging posts. It’s very simple. An engaging post can include a call to action, a comment below or even a tag your friends.

    Or alternatively it could be a caption that creates a talking point. With many topical issues in the world today, creating an engaging post should not be too difficult.

    #4 Be consistent 

    Being consistent, and overloading your page are two very different things. Overloading your page can be detrimental as your followers may miss key posts.

    However, making sure you are posting consistently. Once or twice a day will increase your chance of being followed.

    Different posts will also create new opportunities to engage your following. Using one or two posts per day to draw on new conversation pieces is also a good way to keep your following entertained.

    #5 Captions are key!

    Captions are usually the hardest things to think of, especially if you are posting on a regular basis. However, a good caption can capture your audience, and will create that engagement piece.

    Consider the caption to be an extension of the photo, be that for an explanation of that picture, or even instructions to your incentives.

    Check out this post by Eleggible on where to find the best Instagram caption generators. Best Instagram Caption Generator For Android & iOS

    #6 Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag

    With twitter really kicking off the hashtag trend, it is all super important to use these on your Instagram posts. Instagram operates a search function where you can look for specific hashtags, and also see what is trending as a whole.

    Using the right hashtags for your posts will allow your page to become visible.

    Taking a look at the trending hashtags is a good place to start. Equally searching for the most used hashtags in your specific area can also lead to a more targeted following.

    #7 Test the new functions of Instagram 

    To keep Instagram more up to date, they have added a number of new features since the platform began.

    Not all of them will help with engagement, however some of the key ones to explore are:-

    • IGTV- IGTV is Instagrams own TV channel. Users here can post lengthy video content, and can see when their followers are watching.
    • Instagram Live- The new live function allows users to video in real time. Alongside watching users followers are able to comment on the video. Always good for a Q&A.
    • Stories- Stories are a great way to mix a sequence of videos and photos at once. Stories allow people to share, comment and react to them when they appear on their feed. Overall improving engagement.

    #8 Incentivise

    An incentive is always a great way to get people involved in your page and the posts. An incentive does not mean you have to give away hundreds and hundreds of pounds, however a giveaway of your products is always a good way to go.

    Successful incentives will have followers tagging their friends, commenting and also liking your page.

    This will create organic traffic to your page, and will lead to an increased following.

    #9 Utilise Instagram Stories

    As mentioned Instagram stories is a great feature on the platform, however it also provides a different dynamic to engagement.

    A story is great for a sequence of pictures and videos together which you may not want on your actual grid. Stories allow people to direct message you, react and also share what is on your page.

    #10 Don’t just use pictures!

    When Instagram began it was 100% picture based. However with the addition of new features you can now post videos to your grid as well.

    Using videos in your grid has shown to increase engagement as it provides a different twist to your profile.

    To Conclude 

    Instagram is a great social media platform that when used correctly can advertise your brand and products very successfully.

    Improving Instagram engagement is always going to be the hardest when building your following however using some of the simple features we have listed above, you will maximise the platform further.

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