How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Gen Strategy
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How to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy

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his article is a brief exploration of how to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy.

How to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy

Grabbing consumer’s attention in a digital world when you are just one of the fish in a very large and saturated pond can be hard. It is necessary to create compelling content that will drive visitors to your site and then nurture then into paying customers, blogs, PPCs, SEO are all tools to use that will help you set yourselves apart from your competitors and get you a higher conversion rate of new leads.

Therefore it is essential that your lead generation strategy is on the top of its game.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is where you create interest from potential customers and start the initiation process and move them down the sales funnel. This is normally done via interaction with the content you are putting out on your website via email and on social platforms such as an ad on Facebook.

Why is lead generation important?

It is important to gather and nurture new leads as these will hopefully turn into buying customers. Without customers you have no business therefore you need a continuous supply of leads for your business to survive and ultimately be successful.

There are many examples of lead generation, you can use one or many of them in your lead generation strategy.

How to videos, E Books, free trials, podcasts, webinars are just a few examples of ways to generate new leads. Their aim is to create interest and value whilst building up customer interest in which a customer will then engage and purchase a product or service that you are offering.

Creating an executing a successful lead generation strategy should be one of you top marketing priorities , but how exactly do you do it?

How to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy.

The aim of creating and executing a successful lead generation strategy is to obtain a much higher conversion rate from those who are engaging with some of the inbound marketing efforts and then go onto actual purchasing a product or a service that you offer.

Having a number of lead generations methods in place make for a more effective lead generation than just one. This means you can then cater to a wider audience and thus create more qualified leads.

Lead capture

The first stage of creating and executing a successful lead generation strategy is lead capture. You could publish volumes of content that encourages a visitor to your site but then after that they may never come back again.

The key aim of lead capture is to peek their interest and the capture their information. This could be an email address which can be trickier to obtain than you think.

Many will now consider signing up with their email as an invitation for the company to spam their inbox and you must now allow the customer to ‘opt in’ so you now need to give before you receive.
This is where the next stage of the lead generation strategy comes in, with ensuring that you have the relevant lead magnets in place.

Lead magnets

A lead magnet is a tool that provides your site visitors with value in exchange for their contact information.
This could be;

  • A how to video series
  • A free trial or discount
  • Webinars
  • E Books
  • White Papers
  • Expert Interviews

The aim really is to receive the permission from the prospect to gain their information and allow you to then follow up on the lead.

Further on in creating an executing a successful lead gen campaign is to ensure you have an effective landing page.

Landing page

There are two main purposes of creating an effecting landing page. The first is to warm up potential customers in this first stage of the sales process. The other is to capture their interest enough for the to provide you with their information by attracting them to something that you sell and for them to make a purchase.

A landing page is a page that someone will land on after they have clicked on an ad or other online marketing element. This page will exist separately from your website and is used as its own single marketing tool.

An effective landing page is simple, provides clear information and one simple call to action as not to frighten off or bombard the visitor at the first interaction they have had with you.

Lead scoring

Another way to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy is to begin to score your lead. Lead scoring is a component of marketing automation software that helps prioritize leads depending on level of engagement with your inbound marketing content.

This helps determine who is ready to buy and also confirms if your lead generation strategy is working.

The way you can score a lead is dependent on the level of the type of engagement someone has had. Many don’t use this technique and it can be an essential part of creating an executing a successful lead generation strategy.

It provides real time feedback with how responsive your leads are and when people are ready to buy.

These are just a few ways in which you can create an execute a successful lead generation strategy but you need to try and number of approaches and see what works for you and your businesses by tracking the success.

The aim of a lead generation strategy is to capture the attention of the potential customers and capture their information to turn them into buying customers and to ensure you always have new leads coming in.

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