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How To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business

Are you starting a new real estate business and you’re looking for clients. Or are you an established business wanting to generate new leads? Perhaps the traditional methods of attracting buyers and sellers are not working as well as they did in the past. This guide on how to generate leads for your real estate business can help boost the number of new clients and take your business to the next level.

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    What Is Real Estate Lead Generation?

    Lead generation is all about capturing the interest of potential clients to your business through a range of marketing methods. Once you have their interest, you then nurture them through the sales pipeline until they are ready to buy your product. This works on any size of business.

    With real estate for example, you may want to attract new sellers. A traditional method of marketing would be to pop a card or pamphlet through doors in the area you are targeting to ask if anyone is ready to sell. You might be lucky and get a reply. However, your card could be among a number of others through the door, why would the owner choose your business? Are there better ways to attract new clients and improve your targeting?

    Here are some digital marketing methods that can help.

    Optimise Your Real Estate Website

    First, let’s have a look at your website. Do you have a clear logo, contact details and a great design? Is it eye catching, but not too busy, and most importantly, is it easy to navigate?

    With all this in place, have you optimised your website? This means looking at your site the way Google or other search engines view it, so that more people find it. By improving your search engine optimisation, you can attract more traffic and generate new leads.

    For example, with a real estate business, your clients will be looking for words and phrases such as ‘selling my home’ or ‘how to sell a home quickly’ or ‘real estate companies near me’. With good SEO across your website and marketing, potential clients have more chance of finding your real estate business over your competitors.

    Develop A Niche For Your Real Estate Business

    Another tip is to develop a niche. Do you specialise in buying and selling older or unique homes? Is your focus on a particular area surrounded by the countryside, or a new estate in the city? Do you provide the whole package including recommended solicitors or specialise in a quick sale?

    Think about your niche and then write a list of keywords and phrases that speak directly your potential clients. Use these keywords throughout your marketing and advertising, as well as in your website content and optimisation.

    How To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business With Facebook

    Social media in general is an excellent tool when it comes to generating new leads for your real estate business. You can use paid for advertising, or organic ways of attracting new clients. For example, joining a Facebook group is an organic way to make you more visible online to a particular area.

    Perhaps your location is a certain area around Norfolk. Search for Facebook groups buying and selling or looking for homes in that particular area.

    The next step is to offer something of value to people in that group, not just an advert. You could respond to comments and offer insights. Or create a blog on your website which offers useful information about selling your home, then point people towards it. This will help to raise awareness of your brand and company, as well as potentially attract new leads.

    Blog For National Or Local Real Estate Websites

    Another method to generate leads is blogging. You can start a blog on your own website which will attract more traffic. Or you can blog for a local estate agency. In the same way that you’d write an article for a paper or a specialist magazine.

    Blogging is about offering valuable content which could solve a problem or explain something easily. For example, you could write about;

    ‘how to calculate how much your house is worth’ or how to ‘write a home listing’.

    By offering insights through your blogs, you can attract new leads. Make sure the blog is optimised with the keywords relating to your business. Always add backlinks and contacts to your blog which take the reader to your website or directly to your business for more information.

    Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business

    If you’ve never used LinkedIn before, it’s a platform for professionals where you can join groups specific to your industry. The idea is similar to joining a Facebook group as mentioned above, but LinkedIn is mainly for professionals and businesses.

    Hence if you’re in real estate, you can join the ‘real estate’ group or local groups around where your business is based, so ‘Norwich real estate’.

    On LinkedIn, you can comment and offer useful insights, as well as publish a regular blog that can be of value to others. It will help to raise awareness of your brand and company, especially to potential clients who have never come across you before.

    How to Segment And Target Your Real Estate Marketing

    For another great example on how to generate leads for your real estate business, you should utilise segmenting and targeting methods.

    Perhaps you’re a small real estate business competing with much larger companies who have big budgets for paid advertising. In which case, it’s a good idea to return to your niche. Who is your ideal customer and how can you target them specifically?

    You can start by putting your current or ideal clients into segments based on location, lifestyle and demographics. Or by asking questions such as who, what and why.

    For example, if you specialise in buying older homes, who is looking for them, what exactly do they want? How old are they and where do they come from? So then perhaps your target market is:

    ‘people over 50 living in Norwich looking for older homes to renovate’

    This helps you to hone in your marketing so you are targeting the right people. You can write blogs based on this target market, create adverts and join social media groups with this in mind.

    Conclusion: How To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business

    In summary, you can build your real estate business even further and generate new leads by using lots of different digital methods. From search engine and website optimisation to social media and blogging.

    However, if this seems a little overwhelming, then you can always get expert help. Lead Genera specialise in delivering a measurable impact to businesses through digital marketing.

    Get in touch at to see how they can help grow your business and generate new leads almost immediately.