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How To Get More IVA Web Leads and DMP Customers

On average, almost 7000 IVAs were registered per month in the three month period ending July 2021, according to UK government statistics. For people that have got themselves in trouble with their finances and have no option other than to go into an IVA, there are hundreds of companies to choose from.

So why would a potential client choose your company over your competitors? How can you cut through the noise and get your name in front of more potential clients?

Here’s a guide on how to get more IVA web leads for your business.

Table of contents:

    Using Facebook and Instagram Ads To Directly Connect With The B2C Market

    We are well experienced with paid advertising specifically for lead generation in the IVA / debt management and finance sectors.

    Leveraging social media allows you to show ads impulsively and trigger a reaction from your target audience. When done properly, this is a really efficient way to generate IVA leads for your business.


    General v Qualified Leads

    The first aspect to consider is your online presence. If you want to get more IVA web leads, you need to look at your overall online marketing strategy.

    You can advertise your website to encourage potential customers to visit in a number of ways.

    But consider the costs of an advert and what it can get you.

    For example, a traditional advert in a newspaper or trade magazine may reach thousands of people, but will this result in them taking action and getting in touch?

    You are spreading the net wide in order to hopefully catch a few people.

    Whereas if you target people who are definitely in the market for your services, you are more likely to get qualified leads and sales.

    They are already interested in what you have to offer, so are more likely to take action and visit your website. So instead of a newspaper advert, try a targeted Google advert instead.

    Using Google Ads To Get IVA Web Leads

    It’s important to note: to advertise on Google Ads you need to have a licensed practitioner backing your business and willing to put their license number and name on your website. You can read more about Google’s Financial Products and Services Advertising Policy here.

    Google adverts are a form of internet advertising in which a third party displays a user’s advertisement.

    If you search for an IVA company on google, you will see the Google ads at the top or bottom of the first search page.

    The company mentioned in the ad has paid to feature there which places them above the organic search results below the ad.

    Hence they are more likely to be first choice for people searching for an IVA company.

    To use google ads, you need to make a list of key phrases that people search for when looking for your company.

    Such as ‘Where can I get an IVA in Norwich?’ Then you bid on the key phrases and pay a fee each time somebody clicks on your ad.

    You can monitor how many people click and the cost per click, so adjust them accordingly.

    This method of advertising gets IVA web leads as it specifically targets people who are already looking for an IVA company.

    How SEO Can Generate Web Leads

    Another way to get IVA web leads is to improve the search engine optimisation across your online presence.

    If you don’t know anything about SEO, in simple terms, it’s about using certain key words and phrases across your marketing. Start by thinking about your ideal customer. What words are they searching for to find your business.

    For example, they are probably searching for ‘an IVA company’.

    But you can improve the SEO with some simple additions, such as your location. How about ‘an IVA company in Norwich’ or ‘a reputable IVA company in Norfolk’.

    Perhaps confidentiality is a key factor for your business.

    A customer may look for ‘a confidential IVA company in Norfolk’. Or use a phrase such as ‘where can I find a confidential Insolvency Practitioner in Norfolk’. Do you offer free debt advice initially?

    Then a key phrase could include ‘where can I get free debt advice on IVAs in Norfolk’.

    Your keywords are ‘free debt advice’, ‘IVA’ and ‘Norfolk or Norwich’.

    Try to identify as many key phrases as you can and then work these naturally into your website and marketing materials.

    When you optimise your website for SEO, it results in a higher ranking when people are searching for those particular phrases.

    How A Company Blog Generates Leads

    A company blog is an ideal way to get more IVA web leads because you are putting fresh content out that people will read. By offering useful content, you can help to build your company’s reputation and brand awareness.

    A potential customer may never have heard of your company before, but they come across your blog online while searching for information about IVAs.

    This leads them directly to your company and they get in contact. Hence you have a qualified lead ready thanks to your blog.

    By writing a useful blog of interest, you are providing answers to questions that people may have about IVAs. So when they come across your brand, they are more likely to choose you because your information has been valuable.

    Maximise Your Email Marketing

    Email marketing is much more than sending out generic emails to all your customers at the same time as if it’s just one person.

    Every customer is different, and now there are advanced ways to tailor relevant information.

    For example, you can send out a series of emails which each contain different content relevant to their interest.

    So one customer might be interested in starting an IVA, another is near the end of their IVA and about to complete it.

    Use email marketing to tailor content so that each customer gets something relevant to them.

    To get new customer emails, you need a sign up form on your website or in an email newsletter.

    Get IVA Web Leads With Call To Action Buttons

    A call to action or CTA is essential in generating IVA web leads. A CTA spurs a potential customer into taking action which results in them becoming a lead in the first place. For example, you can add a CTA button on your website that says ‘click here for our free guide to IVAs’.

    This takes a customer to a sign up form which they fill in. It then qualifies them as a lead and gives you permission to email them.

    You send them the free guide and a welcome email from your company.

    Another option is to add a CTA in your google advert which includes relevant keywords. So your advert might read ‘IVAs in Norwich’ and your CTA ‘ free debt advice here’ so when a customer clicks on your ad, it takes them to your website landing page with the free debt advice.

    Then you should have another CTA on this landing page which encourages the customer to take further action, perhaps to call or email you.

    Ultimately, you are leading them to make a decision to set up an IVA with your company.

    Conclusion: How To Get More IVA Web Leads

    In summary, if you want to know how to get more IVA web leads, then focusing on your online presence can reap results almost immediately.

    By researching your keywords and optimising your SEO, you can boost your business in Google search results so more people find out about your company.

    Offering useful and relevant content as a blog will help to raise brand awareness and build your reputation as a valuable IVA company to choose.