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20 Fun Facts About Lead Generation

Learn from our 20 fun facts about lead generation below.

Many people will think that the phrase ‘lead generation’ means nothing. However, for the marketing and sales team, this means HUGE growth for the business! In simple terms, lead generation is the process of encouraging a person to come to your website and purchase or enquire. Lead generation attracts new customers and is intended to do this to help the business grow.

Due to the increase of people using the internet and the demand for online shopping is increasing, businesses are now able to reach large numbers of people. These people will then turn into potential buyers, who will be found through social media, the web and mobile channels.

Most businesses will now use lead generation online to generate leads for their business. There is a lot of competition for leads and if you are doing lead generation you should know your stuff, read more about How to Generate New Leads to expand your knowledge even more!

But instead of telling you important things about lead generation, we are going to give you 20 Fun Facts about Lead Generation to brighten up your day!

1. Lead Genera is short for ‘Lead Generation’

Ever wondered what our business name stands for? Well, Lead Genera was created from the term ‘Lead Generation’. It is just a shorter version and of course, tells you exactly what our business does! (This is as well as websites, designing and graphics for your business)

2. Blogs generate leads

57% of businesses that have written a blog, generate leads from it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and write some blogs! And customers love being educated and given value by a business. It can even persuade some customers to purchase from the business as they can see how much the business is giving to their customers.

3. ‘More sales more leads’

You’ll probably hear this phrase from a salesperson! And you can’t beat a fun fact about salespeople. To get more sales, the business has to bring in more leads. But when a business increases their leads capacity, the quality might decrease. You don’t want this to happen. You need to increase the number of leads but keep the quality at the same level to ensure sales increase too.

4. The quicker you act, the more money you’ll make

People are wanting to talk to a real person as soon as possible when they put their details online. The longer you take to phone the customer, the less likely they are to want to purchase from you as they probably went to a competitor.

5. One follow-up is not always the way

Salespeople have a high tendency to not contact the customer again after one follow-up. Customers need to be nurtured and given value before they complete the sale. Doing just one follow-up might not be enough nurturing for some customers, and it might even take two or three or even four more calls to get them to purchase.

6. Landing pages = Leads

The more landing pages your website has, the more leads you’ll bring in! In turn, the more leads you bring in, the more sales you will get. Time to get your website designer to make more landing pages for your business! This is not only a fun fact about lead generation but also landing pages and how they can impact sales.

7. Generation Z: generation to target

Generation Z accounts for a large number of sales in the marketing world. This generation of Millenials are the people to target. Ensure you have done your research into this generation of people and make sure you are catering your marketing to them as well as adults and the older generations (only if it applies to your product/service!).

8. Stories > stats

Are you telling your potential customers a quick stat to get them engaged? Maybe you should be telling them a story instead. People remember stories thirteen times more than people who remember stats.

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9. Social media is eating your budget

Ever wondered where your marketing budget is going? Social media advertisements account for many businesses budget. The high price of an advertisement on social media drives up your costs but does bring in leads and creates brand awareness. Without social media (where you can guarantee people will always be!), your business will bring in fewer leads. It is a good investment for lead generation!

Enjoying Lead Genera’s 20 fun facts about lead generation? Carry on reading!

10. 25% of leads will advance to sales

Not everyone that comes through your door is going to want to purchase from your business. You will get some leads that are competitors trying to make you waste money or even trolls that are just out there for a laugh.

11. ‘Give me the money’

Businesses will spend lots of money on lead generation but they want to be investing in the correct form of lead generation. Putting money into leads that turn into nothing or just trolls can be disheartening. You should be getting the best ROI that is possible for your leads that are generated.

12. It is the biggest challenge

Many people in the marketing world won’t admit it, but they find lead generation to be their biggest challenge (who knew?). This can be down to many reasons. Sometimes generating leads can’t be fixed as customers might not be committed to buying due to finances, time of year etc. There are some things that we can’t control and that’s people’s buying and looking patterns.

13. 347.3 billion emails to be sent daily

A fun fact about email marketing is that it is expected that by 2023 the total number of emails each day will be 347.3 billion. Currently, this figure in 2019 is 293.6 billion. This expected rapid increase in emails shows the amount of businesses that are going to be using email marketing to generate leads. As well as nurturing leads and encouraging people to buy from their business.

14. Twitter = B2B heartbeat

Surprisingly, the social media platform, Twitter is the heartbeat of B2B marketing. B2B brand mentions happen the most on this social media platform, with 73% of business mentions from people occurring on Twitter. Customers will tag and mention businesses in their tweets, whether they have a problem or are praising their services or products.

15. Lead gen = Top Three

Lead generation should be part of a business’s top three objectives in any given digital marketing strategy. This is alongside nurturing sales and marketing generated leads. It could be argued that businesses should have lead generation as their number one priority and objective. Each and every business needs to be able to produce leads so that they can be nurtured into customers.

16. Search > Social Media

When it comes to driving traffic to your website and generating leads, the search engine is 300% more effective than social media. This will be for many reasons, but people are specifically looking for a service or product on the search engine. Whereas on social media they are just browsing and it takes more to convince them to purchase.

17. Nurtured leads > unnurtured leads

Nurtured leads increase the sales opportunities for your business over leads that haven’t been nurtured. This fun fact about lead generation shows the importance of nurturing your leads. People need to be looked after and guided through the selling process. You can’t always expect people to buy straight away, so every member of your team needs to be giving value to the customer.

18. Lack of resources = obstacles

61% of businesses wanting to generate more leads for their business are not able to due to a lack of resources. This is their biggest obstacle when trying to expand their business as they don’t have the manpower or team to handle the number of leads. If you are struggling to generate leads for your business, take a look at our Services. At Lead Genera, we make the impossible, possible and can help you with your business obstacles.

19. Most rapid marketing growth = Lead Generation

Lead generation is the most rapid form of marketing growth. Billions of pounds are spent and generated each year with advertising and lead generation, so there’s no wonder it continues to be the fastest growing element of the marketing industry Businesses use lead generation to grow their business as well as generating leads to make sales for their business.

20. Tweets are leads

People are more likely to visit a website and convert to a lead after seeing a tweet on Twitter from a business. With more and more people using Twitter every day, the more people will see your business tweets. Tweet wisely. Tweet often. But Tweet to convert people to leads!

Summary: Fun Facts About Lead Generation

The 20 Fun Facts About Lead Generation is a fun, informative and great value blog, just for you! Read the top 5 things you should take away from this blog.

In summary:

  • Our business name is amazing and clever!
  • The more landing pages you have, the more leads you will create and the more sales you will make.
  • Social media will EAT your budget. Use it wisely but make sure you are targeting the correct audience for your business. (Read our article on how to manage your social media campaigns).
  • Remember to nurture the leads that you generate for your business. It could be the difference between making the sale and your competitor making the sale.
  • Lead generation is difficult and regarded as one of the trickier elements of marketing for all digital marketing folk to achieve.
  • Sometimes outsourcing lead generation is best for your business to get the best leads for the right cost per acquisition.

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