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Being Innovative with your Lead Generation

Lead Generation does not have to be boring! We know that’s an amazing thing to say, but gone are the days of your cold calling and prospecting. With a multitude of channels it is easy being innovative with your Lead Generation.

Some methods may work better for others, or simply fit better with certain industries or products and services. However, here are the 10 different ways you can be innovative with your Lead Generation!

Collect and share success from thought leaders

Reaching out to key people in your industry, especially those who have a large following can create a really strong brand presence. Customers will like to know you are mixing with them influential people. It will also add credibility to your business.

Create videos to help solve an issue

It takes a lot of confidence but putting out video content is a great way to engage your users. Many companies spend the majority of times as a name on the end of the phone, however adding a face only increases the human element. 

Content can be a mixture of product demos, information about services you offer, or even information about the business. Making short informative clips can make it easier for potential customers to digest.

Audio content (Podcasts & Audiobooks)

Podcasts and Audiobooks are becoming increasingly more popular due to platforms on iOS and Android. Audio content is easy for customers to follow whilst in their car, or even on the commute to work. 

Similar to video content. Making an audiobook or podcast could speak about your business, the markets you operate in or even topical issues. Podcasts are also a great opportunity to interview influential people in your industry. This shows your knowledge.

Write a short ebook/downloadable guides

Now you have seen this heading, you are probably thinking how do I have time to write a book? Well luckily you do not have to write a full book in one sitting. Having a book which releases in volumes each week, or each month is a great way to construct something informative. Also, a book for your customers does not need to be hundreds of pages.

Books can cover a range of things from product guides, services you offer, or even market information from experts such as yourself.


Webinars are great for customers who can only dedicate set amounts of time, as well as clients who need to schedule their diaries. A webinar is a virtual seminar which is very customer specific. From this customers will be able to get an understanding of your business, as well as your field of expertise. 

Customer reviews

We put together a piece on do customer reviews help Lead Generation and the overwhelming consensus was yes it does! You can read this article by following the link as well. Do Customer Reviews Help Lead Generation?

Customer reviews are a great way to demonstrate the fantastic work you are doing with your customers. With the marketplace becoming more and more competitive, building a positive reputation is always going to be beneficial.

Show what works for your business

Giving away the secrets to your success sometimes is not the worst thing in the world. Ultimately you can find out anything on the internet, so do not be afraid to show your customers what is working for you. Customers will like your open approach, and it also may inspire collaborations with other companies.

Answer the tough questions

Companies will tend to avoid some of the tougher questions with their industry in fear of bad press, or conflicting opinions. However, answering the tough questions, and voicing your opinion will only create a talking point moving forward. 

Now we are not suggesting be totally controversial, but having an opinion on topics will definitely help to engage more people.

Host a giveaway

A giveaway to get potential customers to engage with your business. As we all love free stuff! A give away needs to be realistic so it does not impact the business. Most companies will give vouchers, or even some of their products. 

Usually in return a share of a post, tagging friends on social media, or even signing up to a page on a website will make it easy for people to enter. However, be mindful of the amount of giveaways you host. Making them too regular will mean potential customers only take an interest when there is something for free.

If you thinking hosting a giveaway is for you, then check out this article by IFB on the best way to go about this. How To Host a Giveaway to Grow Your Following

Offer a free trial 

This is obviously applicable if you offer a product or service which you can lend out for a period of time. Offering a free trial gives customers a chance to try before they buy. Giving you an opportunity to put the sell in. 

From this ask for a customer review. As we have explained previously positive reviews can really help to boost a brand profile. As customers promote it on their social channels as well, this will help its overall reach.

To conclude

Being innovative with your Lead Generation does not mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Using other techniques outside of the usual cold calling and prospecting means you can attract a different type of audience. Also with some of the ideas above you have the opportunity to add new features to your business.

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