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How to explain Lead Generation to your mum!

Learn how to explain Lead Generation to your Mum. In other words, learn how to explain Lead Generation in simple terms so you can ambassador it from within your company.

Now like with most parents, I am sure sitting there trying to explain something new and technical can be, well err painful to say the least. Now explaining Lead Generation can be difficult, however we thought we would put it down in very basic terms for to you to be able to explain.

So here goes…Mums out there, be ready for this.

What is a lead?

A lead is when a customer, or client express an interest in a product you are selling. This can be done through a variety of methods e.g. marketing, sales calls (the list goes on).

Why are leads important?

For any business who is selling a product or service, having leads to be able to chase are so vital to success. Leads that businesses get are specific to the services or products they are offering meaning there is a greater chance of revenue being generated.

What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is the process by which you are prompting people to take an interest in the products you are selling. These are not people who are currently buying or using your products, these are prospective customers or clients who have shown an interest. By using leads, this can make it easier for a business to generate revenue as its targeted to their audience.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, a lead can be secured through a variety of methods. Most commonly through marketing material or sign ups.

  • When someone signs up to find out more information about your products or service, this is a lead.
  • If someone interacts with your post on social media, this is a lead.
  • When someone has expressed, they are looking for something specific which you offer, this is a lead.

How can this impact a business?

Having already qualified leads can help with 2 things mainly. Firstly, as they are qualified and specific the customers or clients you then speak to you are in your target audience. This eliminates the need for business development. You will use Leads as your business development instead.
Secondly, they can act as a revenue booster when used correctly. This is because they are targeted and specific (see how this becoming a theme). You will be actively engaging with people interested in your product or service.

Is it for everyone?

If you are a business looking to increase your revenue and want a better reach to your audience, then YES! And with most companies all having this very basic fundamental yes, it is for everyone. If you are a dentist looking for more clients, or even a heating installation business looking for more customers then lead generation can help with that.

So, to summarise: Here’s how to explain Lead Generation to your Mum!

SPECIFIC + TARGETED = POTENTIAL REVENUE… Can it be any easier? Well yes, don’t try and explain it your mum then you will be fine!

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