How to Monetise Your Website & Increase Revenue for your Blog
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How to Monetise your Website and Increase Revenue for your blog

How to monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog

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There are many ways to increase and maximise revenue from your business website. These days, businesses no longer rely solely on their products and services for their earnings, and in some cases – businesses have changed their entire model to develop the effortless extra stream of advertising revenue which comes in many forms.

Google AdSense is the main competitor in this league, and it provides an excellent way to monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog. If you have made money from your website or Blog, then the chances are that you have heard of or at least used Google’s CTR-based advertising network – Google AdSense.

If you are unfortunate enough to be amongst the 100,000s of users that have not qualified with Google Adsense’s strict TOS, and have been disapproved for one reason or another (usually the reasons are not clearly defined) all is not lost. There are many great alternatives for increasing and maximising revenue on your business website and/or Blog.

Let’s take a look at some of the worthwhile software giants that help to monetise your business website and Increase revenue for your Blog.

Table of contents:

    Google AdSense.

    Google AdSense, in some ways, is the highest ranking advertising network in this competition. Google Adsense and Google AdWords have continued to generate an unfathomable amount of revenue for themselves, their partners and publishers year upon year.

    This is due to the successes and value they have created for all of the clients they have worked with, and all of those involved who have reaped the benefits of using Google AdWords and Google Adsense to monetise your website and increase revenue for their blog.

    These two networks are heavily entwined with one another. People pay for Google Adwords PPC campaigns, and for the guarantee that their adverts will show up to highly targeted viewers.

    The Google Adsense side of it is where publishers and bloggers, or anyone with a high foot fall website, provides a popular platform for adverts to be viewed upon. It is an ingenious algorithmic masterpiece.

    If you write blogs, publish content frequently, or have a successful digital presence then Google AdSense (and the following alternatives that we will discuss) are a fantastic way to Monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog.

    Amazon Associates Advertising.

    Millions of people visit Amazon daily to find, buy and discover their favourite products. Amazon obsess over making their users shopping experience the best it can be, and advertising is a part of that experience that they offer. Amazon’s advertising program has been constructed by constant analysis feedback and billions of experience based case studies.

    Amazon’s developers have fine-tuned and tweaked their software to ensure that they can provide advertising that is more precise and relevant for their customers, increasing changes of engagement and conversion, and therefore enhancing a users experience when they see their brand mentioned or any advertisements listed.

    Just make sure you read the Amazon associates program operating agreement before engagement with services, in order to avoid violation of TOS.

    The associates program is usually beneficial and mostly used for online retailers and those related to the retail industry in some way, perhaps they publish a high volume of fashion blogs or technology blogs – product related blogs in general. Either way, this is a sure fire way to monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog.

    Ebay Partner Network.

    The eBay Partner Network can really help Monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog by driving high quality traffic to eBay or one of their partners.The eBay Partner Network has all the tools you could possibly think of to help you run very successful campaigns. You just need to ensure that all of your traffic is tracked, and that you abide 100% by the terms and conditions that they have published.

    Ebay pay publishers based on the traffic that they send to eBay. The amount paid per transaction is based upon a percentage of eBay revenue.

    They base their pricing on category-level commission rates, with a bonus paid for attracting new and reactivated eBay buyers. Essentially, the more revenue that you and your website traffic generates for eBay, then the more you will be rewarded as payment. You can view their pricing guidelines here.

    Regardless of the business model you are operating, the eBay Partner Network has a broad and extensive range of helpful tools available to you to help you improve your campaigns.

    These tools range from simple banners to putting product listings on your own site. You can also use the API to access eBay’s features and listings, and present them in a customised format. This is a definite measure to Monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog – but still, consideration needs to be placed into what model will work best for your business.

    To Summarise:

    Whatever your intentions, and whatever industry you have grown your business within, there are so many avenues you could consider for how to maximise and Monetise your website and increase revenue for your blog.

    The three listed above, Google Adsense, eBay Partner Network & Amazon Associates program are the giants who have lead the way so far in this regard and have provided many publishers with a valuable source of extra revenue since the millennium.