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How to win big with your Lead Gen strategy

So you have done your research, and now you want to put together a Lead Generation strategy. This strategy will build the basis of how you are going to conduct your Lead Generation, and the methods you are going to use to be successful. Winning big is always going to be the case, and yes it can be done. But remember proper planning, and proper execution are going to be the drivers of success. Take a look at our tell all guide to how to win big with your lead generation.

Content Content Content…

Let’s start with the basics. Content is king, and content is key. From previous articles you may have seen us reference blogs, articles and also content marketing. Content is what draws people to your business, content is what promotes your business. Now in terms of lead generation, you can make sure your content is Search Engine Optimised or SEO for short. This means that when searching for specific keywords, your content will appear on the search engines.

From search engines, your audience are able to interact and read your content. This is therefore attracting traffic to your brand and website. SEO content will mainly come in the form of the following:-


Having blogs/articles that have been SEO audited means you are able to identify the likelihood of them being found when potential customers search for key terms. The content you produce is what can create talking points, or give professional information on a product or service. From this, drive the traffic to your website.


This is one that most people will forget, you need to make sure an SEO audit is carried out on the content within your website as well. Similar to blogs/articles, your website will be found via key search phrases that potential customers use.

Both of the key areas around content can drive traffic to your website. Once people are here, let them leave their details or even join your mailing list. These are all forms of organic lead generation which you need to be trying.

Employ the right Lead Generation company!

Yes you read it right, employ a lead generation company. This may seem counter productive, but whoever said you have to spend money to make money was very much correct. Devising a lead generation plan is a time consuming exercise, as well as being quite difficult if you have never done this before. A lead generation business will be able to do this for you.

Now choosing one is sometimes the hardest thing, do I choose them based on their expertise in a particular field? Do I choose them based on cost? Or do I choose them based on how popular they are? To be quite honest, it needs to be a combination of all three. The company you choose to outsource too will be able to devise you a structured plan on how best to promote your business to generate leads. Channels they may decide to use are as follows:-

  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Snapchat)
  • Blogging/Articles
  • PPC

This may not seem like an extensive list, however what a lead generation company will be able to do is draw upon their existing networking and contacts to also generate leads in more of an organic sense.

Find your niche

Lastly and probably the most basic is just find your niche. A niche in terms of how are you going to do your lead generation. Think outside the box, and try to come up with new ideas on how to generate traffic towards you content and website, or just get your brand out of there. Reverting back to our previous point about outsourcing your lead generation. Having an external source they will be able to think creatively to stand you out from your competitors.

To Summarise

Winning big is the ultimate goal, and having a plan like we have detailed above is always going to help. Utilising marketing channels, and putting out regular content are only going to further enhance your chances of generating leads. The importance of leads is only to be growing over the course of 2020, so now is the time to get started!