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Is WordPress The Ultimate CMS?

For those that are looking for a responsive and also excellently presented website then they do not need to look any further than WordPress. As one of the world’s most popular CMS systems, WordPress has transformed many businesses, as well as made it possible for companies to have professional looking websites regardless of the cost. In our latest article Lead Genera will take a look at the topical question of is WordPress the ultimate CMS.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is among one of the most popular open-source CMS systems which is used for building dynamic websites and blogs. Used by a number of larger and also smaller organisations, it is the perfect companion for that website or blog you are looking to build. What is also great about WordPress is the fact that a beginner or intermediate user can create websites which are beneficial for their business.

What Are The Benefits To WordPress?

As WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS in the world today it does come with a host of benefits. By using WordPress you are using a scalable and flexible system which can be transformed into amazing things. With such an emphasis placed on websites in this day and age, using something reliable is a must. Some of the points to justify is WordPress the ultimate CMS include the following:-

Flexibility and Scalability

A WordPress CMS is the perfect scalable and flexible environment. This means that when your business grows you can grow your website as well. Be this to cope with increased demand, or even usage. As everything is housed in one place, it is very beneficial for being able to make small changes which could affect the wider part of your business. 

A WordPress environment also comes with a range of features such as themes, modules, plugins and even templates. The range of plugins available especially is very important for adding functionality to your website in order for it to do what is needed. Themes are also used commonly for those with limited coding skills so they can still give that professional look. 

Startups and Returns On Investment

For a start up business keeping your costs low is a must. This is where WordPress is great as for those with a limited budget can still have access to a world class website. Being able to create a website in just a few days means that getting your business off of the ground and working takes a very limited budget. 

Most companies at this stage will want to see a return on investment rather quickly. By using a wordpress site you can really make this happen. From a two or three day build for a basic 4 page site, your business can start to take shape as well as development of the brand starts to occur. A website is a focal point for all companies to ensure that they have a destination for their customers. Therefore a working and well presented website will only further enhance revenue opportunities. 

SEO Benefits

SEO has become a key focus for many companies due to the rise in wanting to rank for keywords as well as build a stable organic traffic pipeline. Therefore WordPress has had to develop its workings to accommodate this change. By being able to index your site, people using these platforms are able to step on the road relatively easily. The functionality of creating permalinks, category creation, tags as well as optimisation of images have all helped. 

Going back to plugins as we mentioned in the previous part, WordPress utilises the Yoast platform which makes basic SEO accessible for everyone. By using their traffic light system, it is possible for even the basic end of the spectrum to get their pages and content ranking. With all these features, it is not hard to see why WordPress is such a popular option.

Stability and Safety

With an emphasis on cyber security being very apparent in the world of IT, wordpress integrates well with a number of security platforms, as well as running a number of plugins which help to make it secure. Besides these two elements, the platform is very user friendly, so installing and using these plugins is very basic and simple. Due to popularity as well, it has become a hotbed for hackers. But with specific measures in place, your website or blog can be protected with ease.

To Conclude

WordPress is a platform that continues to grow year on year. With its accessibility for most as well as potential to be scaled at any moment, it is no wonder people asked the question of is WordPress the ultimate CMS. What can be said is if you are looking for a website regardless of skill level or even budget then looking at having one built, or building yourself on this platform is a must.

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