SEO and Lead Generation | How To Use SEO To Generate Leads

SEO and Lead Generation


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation can sometimes seem like a blackhole and also the bain of people’s lives. Well in actual fact, the reason people view it this way is purely down to their lack of understanding of what SEO can do. So to address that we have put together a little tell all sheet of what SEO is, and how SEO and Lead Generation are linked. 

Lets begin, what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or as it is better known as SEO is the process of increasing quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. This is done through being found via organic search engine results. In layman’s terms, the process of being found when someone looks for you on search engine e.g. Google, Bing or Yahoo

The principle of SEO therefore is very basic. You are looking to generate traffic towards your website, via being found on search engines. Now this is where its gets complicated, how do you get found? Simple, content! Content on your website, or even blogs/articles are optimised via SEO so you can be found online. 

Using things such as keywords or even phrases can really help when looking to be found online. Let’s take this scenario, you are a car dealership in Norwich who specialise in classic cars. You write a piece of content, and include the phrase ‘’ classic cars in Norwich’’. What this now does it matches up with an algorithm (big word) so when people search classic cars in Norwich you will appear on the search engine. 

How do I SEO my content?

Keywords are key (Pardon the pun). We all have searched for something on a search engine haven’t we? What you are actually doing is using keywords to find the information you need. Reverting back to my previous example, classic cars in Norwich. If you want to find information about classic cars in Norwich, then quite easily you would have to include them words in some variation. There is no difference with your content!

Away from keywords other things to consider doing are:-

Long tail keywords- Similar to keywords, but instead are 3-4 words long instead. This helps your content to be found if your customer is being specific and local e.g. Classic Cars in Norwich. This a very specific search term. 

Responsive Website- Now this should be given if you have had your website updated, or constructed recently. However if you haven’t then you need to look at it! Make sure your website looks good on desktop and mobile.

Backlinks- Definitely for the more seasoned SEO pro, however always good to be aware of. A backlink is very simply a link to another website. Now you may think this is counterproductive, however if you have a website use your article or blog as part of their backlink you may find you generate extra traffic to your page. Listing your business with trade organisations, or featuring on other pages is an effective way to generate backlinks. For more information on backlinks check out the experts and backlinko. What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2020

Generating Leads

The stats don’t lie, organic leads from SEO are helping businesses to make more money. One stat shows that 50% of people who find a local store or business will visit or make contact within a day. What this tells us is that if you are not using SEO content, you need to be. Content is a great way to approach your audience as well, and SEO and Lead Generation will definitely be a growing trend this year. With the way in which people digest content changing over the past 5 years, being mindful of people using keyword searches is the best way for your content to be viewed.

There are also many bonuses to leads generated organically. A lead organically created is already a potential customer as they have purposely searched for that term, either to find somewhere to buy, or just for more information. So when we have preached about content being engaging and informative, this is why. SEO content is the best way to sell to your customer without actually selling!

To Summarise

So key things to take away are:-

Know your audience- So crucial when looking to SEO your content. You need to know who you are aiming your content at, and what sort of content you are looking to produce.

Keywords- Make sure you have researched the keywords or phrases you need to include in your content. They do not need to be plastered everywhere, just make sure they flow nicely with what you are writing.

Engagement- Create engaging content that is either interesting, or informative. Keep your audience engaged to make sure they want to keep reading or just get in contact.

Having content directly on your website, or content in the form of a blog or article that has been optimised will draw and attraction to your website. SEO and Lead Generation are definitely linked in this case.

Why not take a look at our content marketing for lead generation article? It will give you some more ideas on what sort of content to put out to your audience!  Content Marketing for Lead Generation

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