Using Youtube for Lead Generation

Not the most conventional, and one that takes a lot of confidence, Youtube could be one of the newest and most effective ways to generate leads for your business. More and more people are digesting content using Vlogs and videos, so is now the time to promote your business in a different way. The list of companies using Youtube is growing. We have put together a bit of a tell all guide to what you need to consider when moving into Youtube and how using Youtube for your Lead Generation could be beneficial.

Knowing your audience

Regardless of what channels you use, what business development you do and what marketing material you use. You have to know your audience. This is such a huge factor which potentially a lot of businesses fail on when trying to launch a marketing or business development plan. It allows you to target the people who are likely to use your products and services, what they will find useful, and also how you can attract them to use your brand over your competitors.

In regards to Youtube, this is no different. Firstly consider whether your audience you are looking to reach even use, or would watch you through Youtube. If they won’t  then you are investing your time in something that is not going to be beneficial. If the answer is yes then great. 

Building a Youtube following can be difficult, however utilising your other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your videos will help.

Branding your Channel/Influencers

Even though not linked to Lead Generation, branding is a great way to make sure your followers and watchers know who you are. Youtube allows you to put logo and branding on your personal page, so people can build and association with what they see. By creating an association, when people see your logo, or even colour scheme it makes them think of your business. This can be so crucial to not just first time customers, but also repeat business. 

As with most platforms, the amount of influencers is growing. Youtube is no exception. In fact, the amount of influencers on Youtube is growing faster than any other.. Some of them being paid thousands to promote products and services. Now, we are not suggesting paying thousands for influencers, however considering using some within your sector puts your infront of an already established following. An influencer will promote your business or service to generate traffic or interest.

Optimising your Content 

Reverting back to your audience, make sure your content is specific to those are watching, and who you are looking to attract to your brand. Optimising your content is the way to do this. What we mean by this is to make the content applicable to the brand, and also your audience. For example, if you sell a product, put together videos on its features and how to use it. This will serve as a guide to those looking to purchase, as well as those who have purchased already. 

Similar to optimising your blogs and articles, Youtube has the ability to optimise the text in and around your videos. Using a combination of specific long and short keywords in the search bar, will allow your videos to be seen by those who are conducting more of a wider search. The guide to SEO can sometimes be difficult to understand, however a real great example for beginners is What Is SEO Content? A Guide to Creating Content for SEO .

Calls to action 

As with many articles, or websites you can include a call to action. However this one is more than likely going to be clickable link on your page. Luckily this can be tracked as part of your website, so you can see how much traffic you are generating from links to your Youtube channel. Most influencers or those using Youtube will have a separate page dedicated just to those clicking your page links. This also makes it easier to track.

One positive Youtube does have, is the ability to create adverts which appear before, during and after others videos. On these short clips you are able to include calls to action to attract people towards your product or services. Utilising this may attract other potential customers who you would not normally find looking at your business.

To conclude

As one of the fastest growing platforms at the moment using Youtube for Lead Generation could be a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. The areas we have listed above are all things to consider before entering into the platform. And potentially the most crucial is knowing your audience, and whether or not you will be able to reach them.

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