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10 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media

In this article we’ll be looking at 10 ways to generate leads with social media.

For every growth technique you implement, you’ll need a method for generating fresh and current leads. This may be the most difficult aspect of promoting your company, products, services or brand in general.

The good news is that, in some cases, social media may be your most successful lead generating platform.

With over 3.5 billion people using social media worldwide, it’s the ideal channel for companies to connect and acquire leads. It’s all about employing the proper technique at the appropriate moment.

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    Social Media Lead Generation: What Is It And Why Use It For Lead Gen?

    A lead is any material that can be utilised to identify someone who is interested in your goods or services.

    This might range from just a name and email address to a full job title, physical address and employment information, and more.

    As a result, the practice of gathering new leads through social media is known as social media lead generation or social media marketing.

    Both B2C and B2B marketers may benefit from generating leads on social media, since it aids in the identification of social media audiences interested in your products or services.

    This gives you the advantage of targeting your prospective client base with relevant content and offers, after which you convert them into paying consumers.

    In other words, using social media, properly, allows you to establish your company or brand as a valuable resource of information to your potential consumers.

    By promoting brand awareness, driving website traffic, and enhancing social media interaction, you can amplify your lead generation success. That’s what it’s all about.

    Let’s look at some of the best strategies to generate sales leads through social media…

    Top 10 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media

    Cool. We’ve got the intro out of the way. Now, let’s look at some examples of how you might create valuable leads through social media.

    1. Make Use Of Sponsorships To Get More Leads On Social Media

    Instead of employing paid advertising, you might attract leads by promoting on social media sites that your target audience is already reading. Consider sponsoring television shows, blog posts, and YouTube channels that are popular with your target demographic.

    You may also get a trustworthy content creator to discuss your brand, product, or service for only a few minutes. This can be more engaging than forcing advertising in front of an audience that isn’t likely to respond.

    Sponsorships may be effective in the commercial realm when performed correctly. They provide a unique perspective of an event or brand, and they can help you connect your message seamlessly into video content from talents and influencers that would otherwise click away from your ad.

    The Youtube channel ‘Wondastic Tech’ used Cadbury’s brand to leverage a new audience on this one of their videos which clocked over 2.4 million views:

    2. Use Social Proof In Your Posts

    Customer stories and testimonials might help you influence a wider selection of potential clients to work with you.

    Demonstrating your brand’s value by sharing how customers have benefited from your goods and services is one of the best ways to create social proof, credibility, and often helps to get people deeper into your sales funnel, as everyone wants to work with a brand they can trust.

    ‘Nature Made’ know this concept well. They’ve gone a step further and used this wisely in their post about purity and potency, adding to it further with third party pressure:

    However, it’s not just social media that warrants social proof.

    Look how Fender have made use of this concept on their website, with a bold claim they’ve given over 44 million guitar lessons and have over 75,000 five star reviews.

    Social proof doesn’t get much stronger than this:

    3. Use Lead Magnets

    A good incentive might frequently encourage people to freely offer information to you.

    For this, you’ll need to develop appealing lead magnet offers that people will want.

    This might be anything from a research paper to a free tool. You may also provide discount codes, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and other services.

    This ‘checklist for productive meetings’ below is a great example of a value-adding lead magnet. Office Vibe are offering their users a free eBook in exchange for an email address and first name, allowing them to diligently follow up with their email marketing:

    Another brilliant example of a lead magnet is this ‘keto food list’ by Wholesome Yum.

    You can imagine that anyone interested in, or starting, a keto diet would download this in an instance as it’s only asking for an email address and first name.

    4. Use Targeted Ads and Special Offers

    For generating leads on social media, a sponsored ads approach is quite effective.

    Paid social advertisements’ highly targeted targeting tools may be utilised to display your audience offers that are suited to pique their attention.

    Try utilising these types of ads to advertise material on particular themes, discounts and special time-limited deals on your products and services.

    P.F Chang’s used this concept extremely well with their ‘Farm to Wok’ campaign. For extra added bonus, they’ve even trademarked ‘Farm to Wok’ so nobody else can use it in their marketing.

    5. Make The Most of Lead Generation Ads To Get More Leads

    Take your social media marketing a step further with lead generation ads. These are advertisements that include pre-populated forms, allowing customers to easily join up without spending too much time filling out personal information.

    This saves time, increases conversion rates, and improves the efficiency of the lead generation process by including a CTA to download an eBook or sign up for a webinar

    In reality, LinkedIN lead generation forms have a 13% conversion rate, while landing pages convert closer to an average of 2.35%.

    Facebook has it’s own version of lead generation forms and you’d be a fool not to give them a go.

    Below you’ll see a native from fill campaign created by Orangetheory Fitness to be used on their USA focused campaigns:

    6. Use Retargeting Ads and Drop-Basket Campaigns On Social Media

    Retargeting can help you to re-engage with prospects who previously visited your website but did not fill out a form.

    Your first ad may have been viewed by someone who clicked on it and read the landing page, but they never completed the registration process. You can retarget them with nudges to encourage them to complete the form.

    You may retarget visitors to your website who arrived through search engines or other referral sites. You can also retarget people who read your blog articles but have yet to join your mailing list, and so on.

    This is important because retargeted advertisements have a significantly greater click-through rate (up to 10x more) than regular display advertising.

    Set up your retargeting advertising in a sequence to get even better results.

    An ‘awareness-stage ad’, for example, might focus on familiar pain points and common objections.

    Whereas a ‘consideration-stage ad’ might use testimonials and provide social proof to win people’s confidence.

    Serve up the most relevant messaging depending on your target audience’s prior behaviour by tagging them with different pixel events.

    Air BNB know how to create familiarity with their ads and the retargeting concept very well, as you can see in the visual of their FB ad campaign below:

    7. Host Your Own Webinar Or Conference

    Virtual conferences and events are a fantastic technique to reach a highly focused audience while also demonstrating your knowledge and authority in the area. That means they’re also ideal for generating leads on social media, especially since participants will be required to give their contact information in order to attend or participate in the event.

    Host a virtual conference on subjects that your target audience would be interested in and that are relevant to your company’s area of expertise.

    You may use the event as an opportunity to discuss top industry issues, offer practical advise, and invite prominent speakers. Plus, you may generate a wealth of content possibilities by posting on social media during the event, or repurposing the event footage for later use.

    Neil Patel is no stranger to hosting a webinar, he’s done hundreds of them, maybe thousands, and he always follows the same formula for promoting them, take a look below:

    8. Referral Campaigns Help Generate Leads On Social Media

    A referral campaign might quadruple the number of leads you receive from social media, when you’re doing it properly.

    These campaigns provide a reward to your leads for referring others. As a result, the people who are referred will be exposed to your products or services and could potentially become new leads.

    In order to succeed, you might offer a tempting incentive such as a gift card, free stuff, or a discount in return for the referral.

    Booking.com are no strangers to using social media in this way. You can see why it works instantly from the image of one of their referral campaigns below:

    9. ‘Listen’ On Social Media To Generate More Leads

    You can identify additional ways to generate high-quality leads via social media if you start to execute ‘listening’.

    This is where you keep an eye on the social media discussions that other people are having and stay tuned to the topics they are talking about.

    This will assist you in finding any possibilities to create high-quality leads for your business.

    People who are dissatisfied with a competitor’s product, for example, may value an alternative. And someone asking for recommendations will be delighted to hear your suggestion. Furthermore, when you intervene to answer their issues, individuals interested in your brand and items will appreciate your proactive attitude.

    HubSpot’s social media management team knows this well, and hats off to them for how they use this concept in the below post:

    10 Be Human!

    This point is no less important than any of the others listed here.

    It’s important to never lose that human touch when operating social media marketing campaigns.

    People buy from people, and people engage with people. It’s what makes the world go round.

    Make sure you portray your brand’s values across social media, and make sure the people behind the social media accounts are always happy to help

    Your audience will appreciate it, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you as a result.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, this is something that can be done by anyone

    Dominating With Your Social Media Campaigns

    There you have it, ten actionable ways to generate leads with social media.

    With these powerful social media lead generating techniques, you should expect to see a significant improvement in your social ROI.

    This will help your company grow in the long term. Don’t forget to measure the impact of your lead generation efforts and look for ways to optimise them. Even better, pick up the phone to Lead Genera and we’d happily show you the way.