5 Good Reasons To Use Google Ads To Advertise Your Business (PPC)

5 Good Reasons to use Google Ads to Advertise your Business

Google have changed the entire game. They have cascaded their way into monopolising their products throughout the digital marketing world, and as an organisation they take up to 80% ,(and this is being modest), of the entire global online digital network advertising revenue.

There is good reason for this. They place value at the face of every service and product they present to the world. To think of it in another way, similar to the way that Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, and all the other corporate supermarkets have offered a “self-service” checkout option, Google have managed to offer exactly that with their D-I-Y advertising service Google Ads.

It took ‘only’ a decade for Google to be seen harvesting a staggering £27 Billion in advertising revenue from its own authentic advertising platform. Google Ads is now a trusted advertising source, which seems to guarantee results with the correct optimisation and calibration.

This tool has become a vital resource for many online businesses, and has become the very balancing factor between businesses ‘making it’ or ‘breaking it’ online.

Feel free to research the variety of Google Ads success stories and Case Studies online for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with Google Ads, there isn’t actually that much to learn. It’s just a quick and simple pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tool which allows you to design, publish and monitor advertisements for your business, be it an online business or a high street retail shop. There’s no limit to the benefits that companies can ascertain from Google Ads, it is still very much on fire.

These types of advertisements get churned out by Google’s infamous search engine, and trust in Google when they know where the best place is to place your adverts and ensure that they get the best reach and ROI.

The bottom line is that Google want you to make money through using their advertising platform. As you make money from successful campaigns, you become more likely to pile money back into the pot, and in turn Google gain you as a long term customer from providing you with long-term, value adding results-driven advertising technologies.

Here are five really concrete reasons why your business should be using Google Ads.

Table of contents:

    1. Google Ads is Measurable, Easy Monitored & Adaptable.

    Possibly one of the most psychologically rewarding aspects of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods, (such as those mentioned in our blog “ Digital Marketing – The ‘Ins’ & ‘Outs’), is the fact almost every parameter is easily measurable.

    It can be quite a challenge to effectively quantify the true impact of your SEO efforts, seeing that you don’t get direct feedback on what change caused what effect, and what precise measure you took directly increased or decreased your search rankings.

    A seasoned and experienced professional can see the patterns emerging before too much capital is invested into this form of advertising, hence, bringing establishing secure and measurable results long before having to fork out for the advertising at the end of the month.

    This is almost certainly one of your best assets in terms of measuring what’s physically working and what isn’t working so well.

    Google Ads comes equipped with an extensive range of PPC metrics and analytics tools that work very quietly and efficiently in the background and they work to retrieve your analytics results without you having to lift a finger.

    See below:

    Another great attribute to throw into the mix is that Google Ads is flexible. It has many modifiable options for you to articulate within your campaigns and various changeable parameters which work to provoke your particular desired results.

    In conjunction with other Google products, Ads, amongst other things, can be used to:

    Match Specific keyword options – This allows you to display your ad for precise targeted keyword searches. E.g. you could set it up to show for “Norwich Advertising Agency” or “Norwich” or “Advertising agency”, whichever proves best results.

    Display/Text adverts & Animations– This gives you the ability to display everything including product images, colourful adverts, contact information, discount codes, links to your site etc.

    Narrow and locate your audience – You can set it up to discover your key audience via location, time of day, language parameters, gender, and even their browser or which device they’re using to view your site.

    A huge mass of other Google partner sites are at your fingertips. Access to non-search sites – Gmail, YouTube and more.
    Establish brand awareness. Leverage the advertising display network.

    2. Google Ads Catalyses SEO/Offers Faster Results..

    A drawback with relying solely upon SEO for high ranking search engine results is that it can take months in some unfortunate cases before you notice any sharp edged results from your developments. This is due to the nature of the digital marketing industry and its highly competitive edge. It always takes a little time and aggressive planning to claim your rank and prove your digital presence online.

    Google Ads doesn’t work like this. Ads, as with most Google movements, is ‘instant’. Once your Ads campaign goes live, your ads will appear immediately in Google search engine results and Google partner sites. This which will start driving you traffic and results, in most cases – much quicker than you could have ever imagined.

    Within 48 hours you will (100%) have some valuable feedback data from your Ads campaign, and you can dissect this data to best understand your audience’s demographics and credentials and what exactly is going to be the trigger that converts your website foot traffic into qualified leads, or even better, – converted prospects.
    Due to the urgency of Google’s almighty super out of this world machine robot search engines, you will not only bring in revenue straight away, but because it is so hasty, you have time to discover how effective your current keyword selections truly are.

    This can then be used to strategise and construct an effective SEO. Having an SEO strategy and awareness for your direction is very important. PPC can jump start you to the top, but after a while this can become a costly investment when it works best used as an enhancing measure to optimise your multiple streams of marketing. Considering your whole strategy will guarantee your business to be an online success.

    3. Ads is Highly Targeted and More Engaging..

    Google constantly aim to improve their Ads because it is now one of their primary streams of incoming. Google have also discovered, statistically speaking, that listing product ads and videos on YouTube and in-video paid advertisements get a higher conversion CTR (Click-through-rate).

    The more engaging and enticing Google can make their adverts, the more revenue they acquire, and everybody is happy.

    Consider this : YouTube gets over 1.5 Billion unique hits a month as well as several billion views per day. (View official statistics).
    If you want your adverts placed in front of people, then this is where to be and how to achieve it.

    4. You Get Extreme Control Over Your Advertising Costs..

    One of the most positive sides of Ads is the way it hits your bank. It’s entirely up to you how much you wish to spend each day, and you get a very clear estimation report of how well your advert is likely to perform.

    You can also see how well if fares amongst your competition, and how much more or less you would have to spend to go up or down in the ranks amongst your competitors. You really are enabled a lot of control, and in this way you are the master of your own advertising campaign.

    You can budget your campaign accordingly, and look at your ROI and CPM. As such, this allows you to really get deep and gritty into the inner workings of your advertising and work out the true cost of the investment, and you don’t have to worry about going over budget as the advert will switch off as soon as your quota is reached.
    The scalability of this software is a delightful addition.

    Especially if you want lots of leads in a short amount of time. You can set your parameters to aim high (and pay more per click) for a short period of time (perhaps a week) and then once you see results, you can reduce your expenses back to an average level and settle back among your competitors once your books are full of clients again.

    It is best to deconstruct your Google Ads campaigns into multiple, more manageable tangents, for example:

    Mobile Search
    Display Network
    Google Search Engine Search

    If you’re new to the world of Ads and PPC, then Google Ads Calculator is an informative calculator to utilize which provides a very intuitive mathematical formula, thus giving you a starting point for how to launch your Ads campaigns.

    5. Ads Puts you Directly Amongst your Competitors– Making you Easier to stand out.

    As mentioned previously, the speed and accuracy of Google Ads is something out of this world. When compared to search engine optimisation, you certainly gain a major advantage over your competitors. Immediately, you will appear in search engines whether you have a firm digital presence or not, and your site will be receiving more clicks from search results than all of the your competitor’s business websites who have not opted into the fast rolling stone, Ads.

    This places you in front of your competition, allowing you to expand quicker and rest secure in a successful business which will remain ahead with a competitive edge.

    If you discover that your competitors are already using Google Ads, (which they highly likely are), then this only serves as more of a reason to be using Ads to run various campaigns and step out in front of the curve.

    To Summarize:

    “The only way to beat them is to join them” … That’s certainly the case in the world of digital marketing. Ads is being used more and more by the day. Doing it bigger, better, more intellectually, better designs and more constructively strategized. The bigger picture is important.

    It is imperative to consistently drip feed all avenues of marketing which come back as fruitful for your labour or investment. Being constantly aware and monitoring the results from your digital marketing campaigns is the only way to stay in the slipstream of innovation and out in front of your competition on your own marketing cloud of inspiration.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve found value in this article, and if you’d like to discuss anything business or marketing related – feel free to get in touch.