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Top 10 Ways to Make your Google My Business Page Stand Out

Being a local business owner in today’s competitive marketplace and showing up in the local search engine results pages (SERPS) has become increasingly more complex. More of your competitors are using SEO strategies to boost themselves up in the rankings. This may mean your brand starts to be left behind. In this article we discuss […]

Beginners Guide To Google Search Console

If you have a website, or are managing the websites of others then you need ways in order to track how it is performing. Google is one of the market leaders in analysis tools, and when they introduced Search Console it did not disappoint. From an SEO perspective this tool is so valuable and better […]

How to rank highly in the Google Search Engine

Topic: How to rank highly in the Google Search Engine Site’s positioned in Google’s search results are determined based upon hundreds of different factors, designed to provide end-users with helpful, cutting edge, accurate search results. When you type in your given criteria and carry out a Google search, you’re instantaneously presented with a list of […]

5 Good Reasons to use Google Ads to Advertise your Business.

Google have changed the entire game. They have cascaded their way into monopolising their products throughout the digital marketing world, and as an organisation they take up to 80% ,(and this is being modest), of the entire global online digital network advertising revenue. There is good reason for this. They place value at the face […]

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