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How to Build Backlinks as a New Business

Backlinks are a key part of SEO. They help to also build good working relationships with those that are closely linked to the content you are writing. Building a backlink portfolio however can sometimes be difficult when you are a new business. This guide will look at the reasons why you need backlinks and also how to build backlinks as a new business. 

What are Backlinks & Why are they Needed

A backlink is when there is a link to another site from your site be that directly on your website, or in content that you are producing. Backlinks make up part of SEO, so are important for the basis of getting your ranking improved. 

Backlinks are needed to make the internet what the internet is. Without links to other locations or places it would be an isolated system. Backlinks are making it possible for us to not only find related and supporting content but they also act as a way to differentiate the best content from low-average.

How to Build Backlink Relationships 

Now we have looked at what backlinks are, we need to look at how you go about building the relationships to gain them. One thing to remember is there are no cutting corners to building backlinks, so the methods below are the best and also most effective ways to gain an interest.

  • Leverage Public Relations 

Relationships are ultimately the way you are going to generate high quality backlinks to your website. This is the best way to work if you are a new business and do not have a name or foothold in your market. This is one of the more longer term options as it can take time to build these relationships, but can set you up for future/long term success. 

Being on social media and more specifically LinkedIn will help you to build relationships and also connections. As you become more active you will have the chance to be involved in comments or forums which will really boost your name/brand. Doing this can not just help to build backlinks, but also help to build a mailing list/contact list for future business collaborations.

  • Write High Quality Content 

High quality not just benefits your business, but is also great for attracting people within your industry. If you are looking to use backlinks, you need to make sure you are writing high quality content. Before someone offers you a backlink opportunity they are going to read your content. If it is not of a certain standard, or correct then they will more than likely turn you down. 

When writing pieces of content consider its validity, and also how relevant it is in your market. People want to read information they can trust, or give them advice over certain aspects of products, services or just the industry as a whole. Make the content exciting and captivating and this will definitely win over those you want as backlink relationships.

  • Conduct an In-depth Study 

Studies are a great way for you to build a standing in your market. But also analyse the people/audience you are looking to work with. A study also helps to build your reputation, giving you more weight when it comes to building a backlink relationship. 

Analysing your industry shows you have an interest, and showing prospective relations you are serious and dedicated. Also, if your content is written well companies will want to use this as an opportunity to benefit from your work. They are more inclined to be a backlink partner if they feel that the level of traffic you are going to generate will benefit them also.

  • Write Testimonials for Other Websites

Testimonials are great for building relationships. From a testimonial customers for that business will start to buy in, and have more faith that that business is going to be able to solve their issues. Therefore if you have shopped, worked or interacted with a business then ensure to write them a testimonial. Especially if they are a business you are looking to work with.

After writing them a testimonial,reach out to them. Send them an email or a message via social platforms to let them know you really enjoyed their services. And ask if you could use them as a backlink to your content. If they feel you have a vested interest, and are going to promote them then they will more than likely agree to using their website as a link.

  • Link Externally. Then Make Contact

If you have tried the above methods and have no luck in being able to contact the right people then put a link in there anyway. This to some may be a bit brash. But what it does do is show your intent in how much you want that valuable backlink. In the message you send them after using them as a backlink make sure to make reference to the fact you have read their content and really liked it. 

Never lose sight of the fact you are trying to build a relationship here. Especially if they are producing relevant content all of the time. Backlinks are part of the SEO process, and yes will help to increase your ranking so there is definitely a reason to why you would want to use them. However, ensure you really take the time to read their content, understand it and make reference. 

To Conclude

As you can see having backlinks within your content is very valuable, and required to help with your SEO. Many miss the point of building backlink relationships, and the actual process is not as complex as many think. The difficult part is understanding how to build backlinks as a new business when no one knows you. Once you crack this, then your SEO will continue to be even more beneficial. 

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