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Should I use an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram is becoming one of the most used social media outlets for companies and businesses alike. Personal profiles have helped many build really strong brands, and ultimately led to some real positive success. In 2016 however Instagram introduced the business profile setting. So the question remains should I use an Instagram Business profile?

Why Create an Instagram business profile

If you are a brand looking to really utilise Instagram strategically then looking at a Business profile can really help you do this. Some of the great things to consider are as follows.

You’re taken more seriously 

It may seem like a really menial thing, but there are some really key visible differences between those on a standard and a business platform. Business profiles offer you the chance to message the brand directly and also offer the chance to contact someone directly via email or phone on the app. This can really help make that process seamless.

On top of this the business platform allows you to include much more information including links to products. You can really tell the difference when looking at both sides. 

Access to Analytics

Possibly the best and most useful feature difference between a personal and a business profile. The analytics really are a game changer as you can track how many accounts you are reaching, the impressions each post has made and finally the days in which your post was most effective. All really helping to track success. 

Post performance can really help build your Instagram strategy as you will have a clearer understanding of how each post is performing. From here you can adjust future posts more accordingly. 

Analytics and data are a great way to see how things are performing in regards to your marketing. Even Hubspot agrees. How to Blend Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Better

Add links to your stories 

Possibly one of the most effective bits of marketing you can do on Instagram is add links to your Instagram stories. Allowing you to divert your following where you want. However, two pieces of qualifying criteria. Firstly you must have a business profile and secondly you must have over 10,000 followers. It may seem a lot, but with a lot of hard work you can also get there. 

A story link is a great way to highlight some of the deals your business may have, recent content you may have or even new innovative products coming to market. Ultimately allowing those who may not always visit your website to be directed to there. 

Instagram Advertising 

Paid advertising is growing, and Instagram is no difference. On a business profile you are able to utilise this feature. As Facebook acquired Instagram a few years back all of your ads are posted in the Facebook Ads manager. However it also does mean you can run ads across multiple platforms with ease. 

The advertising that Instagram uses alongside Facebook can really help to increase your lead generation. Getting customers to follow the links to your page, products or sign up are all really great ways of finding qualified leads.

Schedule posts 

It is not a feature direct through the Instagram app, however with a business profile it allows you to use third party scheduling software. Therefore you should never miss a post, and always keep that continuity working. 

The use of third party software such as sprout social or hootsuite has grown in popularity over the past few years. Some may see it is as cheating, but what it does is allow you to plan in advance. Most will not outsource social media so need a tool to be able to keep ahead during their busy schedule. Please enter third party software.

Tag products in your posts 

Tagging products in your posts have revolutionised the customers buying journey. Now you can really promote your products with discrete links to pages on your website. Therefore limiting the distractions customers have when coming to purchase. You have to have a business profile to be able to do this however.

46% of users make a purchase after seeing a product on Instagram, that is not far off half giving a really good conversion rate. Utilising this feature can add effectively another revenue stream to the business, and drive sales up.

To conclude 

The benefits of an Instagram business profile are clear to see. Increased analytics, tagging functions and being able to link directly to your products are all really positive elements. So the answer to the questions should I use an Instagram business profile is yes. It gives you some really great extras that you do not get with a personal which can really aid your marketing.

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