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How To Make Your Blog a Lead Generation Tool

Starting a blog is a great addition to your current marketing efforts. A blog is a great way to engage your audience, and also talk about your products and services. More and more companies have adopted this method, and it has seen some great success. From your blog you want to ultimately gain leads. In this blog we will focus on how to turn your blog into a Lead Generation tool. 

Why is Blogging Important?

For a business, blogging is more important than just letting your followers know about company news and events. When done right it can really help to establish authority within your field. Paired with your SEO strategy, blogging is a really great tool. 

By putting together posts which are engaging and informative, you start to establish a brand and a reputation within your field. Building a trustworthy relationship will go a long way to ensuring your business success. Customers buy from those who they trust, so bare this in mind when it comes to your content.

It has also been found that 97% of companies who use blogging get a better quality of link to their site. If your content is good, backlinks come in abundance. Backlinks are great to drive extra traffic to your website. Overall, blogging is very important for your marketing.

What Can I Do To Adapt My Blog?

If you are looking to make your blog more of a lead generation tool then there are some very easy and basic things you can do. These things include:

  • Use Calls To Action 

A call to action is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a call for your reader to take action. By encouraging your readers to take action, you may find they navigate to your contact page, or even enquiries. If this is where you want them to go. An effective call to action can really help boost your click through rate.

  • Offer Your Readers Exclusive Content 

Holding a little something back is a great way to keep your audience interested. By offering free ways to improve their business, you build that trust relationship with your audience. In exchange for a little information like an email, or contact number you can give away the rest of the detail. 

The key to doing this though is to provide value in your regular blogs. Value is what keeps people reading and coming back. Once they come back you can look to turn them into leads, and potential revenue streams.

  • Hit That Subscribe Button 

You want people to come back and read all your content, not just one blog. Subscribing to your content will mean your audience do not miss out on anything new you have to offer. This links in very well with email marketing which is also a very effective marketing technique. 

Email marketing allows you to ensure that your older customers are engaged, and also gives new customers an incentive to sign up. Make sure that with the subscription they receive regular, good quality content.

  • Offer Your Readers Perks 

All of your readers will love a perk. Many use it as a way to generate traffic, and also help to improve their retention rates. A perk could be free delivery, or even a discount when they reference a specific code that is within the blog. This way, you can guarantee they are reading. 

When it comes to perks do not feel you have to give away the earth. Something basic can really help retention rates. And also can help with word of mouth promotion, which is very important. 

  • Reach Out To Influencers 

Influencers are a great way to build your brand’s reputation and reach. Using an influencer will allow you to potentially tap into a new audience pool who you may have not reached before. Using this type of marketing is going to be very specific, as many industries may not have someone recognisable who reaches their target audience. 

When selecting someone to promote your business make sure they fit with your values. Sometimes having millions of followers does not always mean they fit your brand identity. Getting them to promote your blog on social media, or even reference it in a YouTube video is a great marketing tool.

To Conclude

Your blog is a great way to generate leads for your business. If you already have a following, or content then some very simple changes can be made. With more and more people reading blogs, and digesting content now is the time to be involved. 

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