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10 Quick Tips About Lead Generation

We want to share 10 quick tips about lead generation that can help you increase the number of leads you generate through all of your lead generation channels.

Lead generation is the key to any business. And without it, a business will struggle to grow and expand as they don’t have a steady stream of customers.

Take a little read over our 10 quick tips and you’ll be 10 times more knowledgeable about lead generation than you were 5 minutes ago!

Table of contents:

    1. Have the right tools to track your leads

    Firstly, when doing any form of lead generation (whether this is through Google Ads or Social Media Ads), you need to be able to track the ROI. As well as allocating the correct budget to entice your leads into customers.

    Google Analytics is great for tracking your Google Adverts. It enables you to analyse your website traffic and report on audience behaviour. Also, it can give you insights into similarities between your customers and tweak your ads to appeal to more people.

    2. Monitor your competition

    Secondly, monitor your competition. Have they launched a new service, product or even a new website? You should know. And you need to know. By tracking what your top competitors are doing, you can stay ahead of the curve and beat them with new products to win over the customers.

    Therefore, just simply checking up on them can lead to great ideas that make your business BOOM.

    3. Use social media to warm leads up

    Quick tip number 3 about lead generation is to use social media. Social media is used for an array of things, from raising brand awareness in campaigns to interacting with customers. But, it can also be used to beef up your sales pipeline.

    Your business should be directing traffic to the website and taking the customer straight there is an effective way to generate extra leads. Just post a blog, share an offer or discount to get people enticed and make them click.

    Find out more on how to manage your social media campaigns here!

    4. Focus on quality over quantity

    Always worried about the number of leads you are getting in? Don’t be. The quality of the lead is far more important than the quantity of leads. 100 quality leads that convert at 60% are more important than 1000 leads that convert at 10%. It also saves time for your sales team as they aren’t calling and engaging with customers that aren’t interested. In turn, allowing them to focus on the customers that want to buy.

    5. Make awesome content for your lead generation

    If your content is awesome, people will share it. Create content that is engaging, knowledgeable and allows people to grow. This could be blogs, a video about the company or even an awesome image. If people like it, it is guaranteed to be shared. However, ensure that you are putting time and thought into what you are creating and make sure that your content is of good quality.

    6. Make sure you A/B test often

    You should never assume that your lead generation is at complete perfection. So, you should be monitoring your lead generation constantly and making small changes to it. As the trends and market shift, the customers you are attracting will shift slightly too. Ensure that you are ahead of the curve and A/B test your landing pages and emails regularly to monitor the shift in trends.

    7. Use pay-per-click advertising

    And if you are a young business who is looking to grow, PPC is the way. These adverts ensure that your web page appears near the top of the search engine when users search for specific keywords. It means that you can generate leads that are looking for specific products that your business provides. PPC can increase the quality of your leads and conversion. Another great tip of our 10 quick tips about lead generation, don’t you think?

    8. Make your CTA’s stand out

    Having your CTA’s (Call-To-Actions) stand out can entice a customer in and gives a higher chance of them clicking and converting to a sale. Use buttons or images instead of text. But make sure it jumps out to the customer, even use bright images or colours to catch their attention.

    9. Limit the length of your website forms

    Asking people too much sensitive information can put them off. The initial capture of data and new leads should be quick and simple. Make sure to keep your website forms with five fields or less. Your sales team can then ask them any other information that is required once they have built a good, trusting relationship with them.

    10. Avoid too much text on landing pages

    Finally, our last tip for our 10 quick tips about lead generation is to avoid lots of text on your landing pages. Typically people will usually skim the content on your landing page to see how it can benefit them. But by having less text for them to read, it is more likely they will take action.

    Ensure that the text is brief and informative. And you could even use bullet points to make important benefits stand out. In addition, use images to create an eye-catching landing page.

    To Summarise

    10 Quick Tips About Lead Generation helps you improve your lead generation quickly and increase the number of leads you are generating. Above all, we are here to help and want to give you as much knowledge as possible. Share this blog with others to spread the knowledge and the value!

    In summary:

    • Make sure your content is awesome. And it will get people to share your business. In turn, growing your brand awareness.
    • Ensure the quality of the leads is to a high standard. But don’t generate lots of leads that aren’t going to sell.
    • Use social media to your advantage and use it to warm your leads up and get them interested in your product or service.
    • Keep a keen eye on your competition. And make sure you stay ahead of them to win over the customer!
    • Don’t use too much text on your landing pages. Keep it short, sweet and concise!

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