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B2B Lead Generation


B2B Lead Generation

Business to business lead generation or B2B as its more commonly known is hot to trot at the moment with the amount of new companies opening across the UK, and the world on a daily basis. B2B companies have the power to sell directly to decision makers which can sometimes either be positive or  negative. Whichever way you view it, B2B Lead Generation is a sure fire way in which you can make extra revenue. We have put together some of the things to consider when putting together a successful B2B Lead Generation strategy.

Why B2B

To provide some context to this article, a lot of lead generation strategies are focused heavily on B2C or business to consumer businesses. B2B or business to business as its known is also a large area in which can benefit from an effective lead generation strategy. Companies heavily focused on business to business transactions will need to promote their products or services effectively, and possibly more importantly demonstrate how they can add value.

Things to consider…

There are various ways in which you can conduct your lead generation, but there are also a few things you most certainly need to get right. As we mentioned B2B companies are able to utilise selling directly to key decision makers, so how you present and also represent your brand is vastly important. Connecting Lead Generation and brand presence we have listed a few key areas to consider when looking at strategy.

Your Website 

No one likes a slow website, especially those who are in a rush. People want things yesterday, and considering this is impossible, you need a website which is quick and easy to navigate. Drop the masses and masses of text for clean and concise information. Limiting the amount of content can also mean the pages are more responsive. 

If you want to utilise your website to generate leads, adding a  generic landing page to subscribe is always a good start. From here you can promote this page across Social Media to gain traction for people to sign up. Referring back to the point we made about updating your page however. Any potential leads will need to be able to contact you, so as a minimum make sure you contact information is correct. 

B2B Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best free platforms to promote your business. Most companies have a digital presence in this form now, so being part of the community will definitely help you to promote your brand. In terms of B2B, connecting, following and engaging potential clients will help you to get noticed. A word of warning however, do not make all your post too sales focused, especially on LinkedIn. 

The best way in which to generate B2B leads is to create conversation, ask for opinions and overall just interact with your followers. A high percentage of freelancers on LinkedIn have found that from posting regularly, and becoming known has generated many opportunities for them to work with local and national businesses.

B2B Content 

Content for your website, and also your social media is very important on how your brand is represented and known. People will buy from those who demonstrate knowledge in a particular area, it’s a fact! Make sure you are posting weekly if not bi-weekly blogs about things within your chosen market. Making sure your content is SEO optimised will also help you to be found by other businesses. 

B2B Branding

Possibly the forgotten one out of all the areas to consider. Not so much lead generation focused, however a very key area to consider nevertheless. Perception is everything within business, and showing your brand is premium will help you to attract larger clients. 

Standing out in this crowded world is also a tough ask for many brands across the world. Buffer have put together a comprehensive list of points to consider when building a successful brand. Brand Secrets for Standing Out in a Crowded World

To conclude…

When looking at Lead Generation for business to business companies, make sure you are exploring all areas. Setting yourself apart from your competition, and also being able to show the value you add are key to being successful. As with most Lead Generation strategies, having a detailed plan, and knowing how to execute it are the ways forward.

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