How Do Lead Generation Companies Generate New Leads?
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How Do Lead Generation Companies Generate New Leads Continuously?

Topic: How Do Lead Generation Companies Generate New Leads?

So you are wanting to know more about Lead Generation. Great! But you are probably wondering, how do companies like ourselves generate new leads? And if it is easy for us to sell as a service, then why can’t everyone do it?

Well there is a simple explanation for this… We are the experts! Lead Generation is not a complicated process, however its how much you understand the marketing element to this business development tool. Let us explain more.

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    What is a Lead Generation company and what do they do?

    A Lead Generation company are basically a company which generates leads for peoples businesses. A lead is when someone expresses an interest in a product or service you are offering or selling. A lead generation business will collate this data, and be able to pass this information on to the relevant businesses who require them. 

    Lets address the elephant in the room before we go any further. NO this is not a free service, unfortunately. Now this may seem counterproductive, you are a business who need to generate revenue but now you have to spend money in order to find custom.

    The phrase “you have to speculate to accumulate” comes to mind. The best way to look at lead generation is someone is handling your business development for you, and presenting you business specific customers..

    How do Lead Generation companies actually generate new leads?

    Leads do not just appear in people’s laps, or grow on trees for that matter. Lead Generation companies have to have a very good understanding of the industries they are targeting.

    This is due to them having to use various marketing techniques to attract quality leads. Some of the ways in which companies generate leads are as follows.

    Social Media & Influencer Marketing

    Probably the most used and most effective way of generating leads in today’s world is through social media platforms. With almost 3 BILLION people using some form of social media, the potential audience is vast.

    Utilising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to promote your business. Use engaging content, or Facebook ads means customers can engage with you on a more social level.

    Influencers? Yes influencers, you know them people who wear your favourite item, or personally endorse items to their millions of followers. Someone with a modest following, wearing or talking about a product can generate huge interest.

    It is very easy to track its success as well. Giving an influencer a code to use, can create a report on where the interest has come from.

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    PPC is a great way to generate traffic to a website or product destination. PPC works where by a company will pay for everytime their designated advert is clicked on.

    For example you pay £5 for every time you advert is clicked on, however for ever £5 you make a sale for £500. Seems like a pretty good business really doesn’t it? It also puts the product or service in front of them in an engaging way. 

    Email Marketing

    One of the old guard. Email marketing still exists, but with the vast amount of spam mail people receive, the open rate on marketing emails are decreasing. Also, a database is required to be able to reach your audience. This could pose an issue if your market is very niche.However for its criticisms it is still effective.


    The days of cold calling still exists. How many times do you receive a call offering a product or service? Probably at least 4 times a week.This process can take a while.

    You would make 100 calls and out of that find 10% of the people are interested. However, gaining leads from this source can be beneficial due to it being qualified directly via the phone.

    Do you have a better understanding of what we do?

    We hope by reading this article you have a better understanding of what we do as a Lead Generation Business. To summarise…

    Simply said, a Lead Generation company takes the stress away from having to work out the approach to your target audience to generate leads. As a business, Lead Genera uses a multitude of streams from Social Media, Email Marketing, Telesales and Product Promotion to market a product or service. The leads generated are specific, so all that is left to be done, is for them to be contacted.

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