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An Introduction To Lead Generation

No matter what level and skill set digital marketer you are, you may benefit from some of the topics in our introduction to lead generation below.

With more and more established businesses failing, and a lot more start-ups coming along to take a piece of the ever-decreasing pie, how do you generate revenue?

Well firstly you need customers or consumers if you want to continue with the pie reference! Now yes, the bog-standard marketing processes are a way to generate an audience and potentially some business, however what if you could be supplied with a business lead? Moreover, from someone who has expressed a specific interest in your product? Golden right?

Table of contents:

    So, Lead Generation, what is it?

    A Lead is defined as ‘’ An individual or organisation that has expressed interest in buying what your business is selling’’.

    We have all had the cold sales calls offering us this that and the other, how many times do we listen to them? 2 times out of 10 if they are lucky?

    We don’t even think it is that high Now even though you may not receive calls from smaller businesses, they need to generate business as well. Probably even more so than larger more national companies.

    Lead Generation is a process by which all the leads you receive are specific to your product and target audience. For someone to become a genuine lead they need to be qualified.

    Now most of the time this is self-qualification as they have either interacted or filled out details to be contacted directly. But there is still an element of human work required as explained below.

    MQL VS SQL (Explaining the jargon)

    Now as mentioned above, we have all had them sales calls out of the blue, but this is very different.

    A Sales Qualified Lead, or a SQL for short is the process of immediate interest from customers in a product. You will usually have 24 hours to react to these if you want them to be successful and retain their engagement.

    An MQL is a marketing qualified lead. Potentially more organic and are often expressions of interest that need more explanation. Still effective, as it gives you a prime chance to discuss your products or services in more depth. Time to SELL SELL SELL!

    Do I need Lead Generation?

    This is not a get rich quick way of working by any means, but it could put you on track to generate extra revenue for your business.

    The process of being able to chase generated leads takes away the time of having to conduct extensive business development. Lead Generation is more specific, so the customers or clients you are approaching have expressed an interest in your product.

    To summarise our Introduction to Lead Generation:

    • If you are looking to generate more revenue from a targeted search, then yes lead generation is for you.
    • As we have mentioned this is not a get rich quick scheme.
    • Lead Generation provides your company with good and effective ways to chase business without the numerous hours of business development.

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