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Lead Generation

The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

In the business world, lead generation is important for businesses of all sizes. We take you through the process from explaining what a lead is, right through to discussing different strategies. Read the beginner’s guide to lead generation to find out everything there is to know about generating leads.

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What is a Lead?

A lead is a person who shows interest in a company’s product or service in one of several ways. Once a person has shown some form of interest in a company, they’re likely to hear from that company because they’ve shown that interest. It’s much more tailored than say cold calling. These people start as leads and hopefully turn into customers if you follow the lead generation properly.

What is Lead Generation?

In simple terms, it is the process of attracting potential prospects, and converting them into someone who has an interest in your company’s products and/or services. Each company and what their service/product is, will determine what method would work best. For example, clothing or jewellery may use Email, Social Media Marketing and Influencers, whereas vitamins it may not work for.

The Importance of Lead Generation

If someone wants to purchase a product, they would just follow the process of making that purchase. Simple.

If someone has no interest in that product, trying to convince them to make the purchase may make them feel hounded and pushed into spending money. This can make them feel forced into doing something they didn’t actually want to do and can be damaging and cause bad reputations for your brand.

Matching your brand with the right customers can be achieved by attending to your target audience through lead generation.

The benefit of lead generation means companies can build larger communities of like minded customers, improving customer loyalty. It also has the potential to gather marking information from prospects such as needs, wants and preferences that can help your business tailor products or services. Lead Generation can also promote brand awareness and reputation, providing information about your products and features when people discover your brand. But Lead Generation is also very cost effective, because you’re targeting more specific markets specifically for your brand.

What are the Different Strategies of Lead Generation?

There are several methods of Lead Generation strategies, such as:

  • Website Landing Pages
  • Coupons
  • Live Events & Webinars or Seminars
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencers

Process of Lead Generation

  • Your Lead Generation will start with strangers who have never seen or heard of your brand. They’ll see some form of marketing and take some kind of interest. Whether that be clicking on a link, reading a blog, liking a post, filling in a form. This part is the important bit, because this shows they have some kind of interest however big or small.
  • Now you need to nurture that interest. Emails, phone calls, messages, reaching out to that person to see if you can help. Can you provide more information. Is there a special one off deal you can offer. Find out more about your potential customer. Taylor your product or service to them.
  • Close the Deal. Make that sale. Sign that Customer. Make them happy.
  • Promote, promote, promote! Follow up your sale or signing with a call or email. Can they review? Will they #hashtag your company? Pictures on social media? Expand your brand however you can.

How Do I Start Generating Leads?

The first thing you want to do, is to identify your target audience. There’s no successful start if you don’t know who you’re targeting. Do your research into your audience and make a clear picture of the who, where, what, how.

Pick your strategy

There is no point choosing to advertise a person holding a piece of the most amazing software you’ve ever written, there’ll be zero interest. But can you do a vlog of how that software works? What it can do for your target audience? The same way an email with pictures of clothes is great. But what’s even better is seeing those clothes modelled on a person to see how they sit. No two businesses will pick identical strategies and have identical results. Know your business, know your audience.

Collecting contact information

Now this can be anything from a standard form on a website landing page, maybe offering discounts or free gifts for completing the form, to a like on a social media platform. Keep a database of the customer relationship as you go, you’re more than likely going to speak to these people on more than one occasion so you want as much information about them as you can keep record of.


Once you’ve established contact, you don’t want to scare them away by hounding them on the phone or by email every single day. Reaching out and touching base is totally fine, it shows you’ve remembered them and that you’re there if needed. But a great way to also remind them that you’re there, is via newsletter. Whether that’s or nowadays, by email. Provide them with a reminder of the products or services that you offer. Highlight current offers that are tailored towards their needs.

Use Social Media

It’s a great tool! Advertise your business, show the reasons why your business is the one to use. Promote the exact thing you’re trying to sell on all revelant social media platforms

To Conclude: The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

With our beginner’s guide to lead generation, you are now prepared with the correct knowledge to generate leads for your business. Ensure you pick a variety of strategies for your business, to ensure you are covering all aspects, and begin generating leads.

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