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Lead Generation Myth Buster

For some, Lead Generation does not come into consideration when looking at their overall marketing plan. The very simple question to ask in relation to that is, how are you going to generate leads? You will read all over the internet myths about lead generation and the things you should and should not do.  Now enter the Lead Generation Myth Buster!

Why are there Myths?

Quite simply there are too many opinions about Lead Generation and Marketing as a whole. You are now thinking well why should we trust Lead Genera? Well because we have had numerous years experience and have multiple testimonials from clients who we have worked with in the past. This is also why we have put together a Lead Generation Myth Buster.

Lead Generation myths usually begin with a company trying to discredit their competitor, or even just a difference in opinion. Yes, not all Lead Generation strategies work for every   company for a variety of reasons. However, having a plan and including this alongside your marketing will after time, and also perseverance pay off.

All Leads are Good Leads 

Unfortunately no, not all leads are going to be good leads. You could argue that they do present an opportunity to speak to more people about your product or services. However, this can be very time consuming.

A qualification process will help with being able to sift through the leads and prioritize them into ones which need to be contacted first. This is a more structured way to conduct your Lead Generation, and also means you should not miss out on the quality ones first.

Lead Generation Companies do not help 

No biased opinion here, but yes Lead Generation companies do help, but only when they are used correctly and are trusted. It is easy for a Lead Generation company to take your money and not actually deliver on their promises of leads.

There is no sales pitch in this part of the article, more just a point of reference. Lead Genera have worked with numerous companies across multiple sectors, and one thing that customers always comment on is our attentive and honest attitude. Make sure your Lead Generation company understands what you are looking for and has a track record before engaging with them.


Cold calling from my sales team will generate me more leads than marketing 

Cold calling is somewhat a thing of the past now, referral is the best way to generate new business. However, if you work in a market like recruitment, or general telesales then cold calling will always be part of your process. Cold calling alone will not generate leads as it’s far too competitive, and on average more than 65% of people will decline what they believe to be a cold call or sales call.

Using marketing techniques such as content marketing, or social media will also give your brand a presence so customers, or potential customers know who you are. Marketing allows you to add a new dynamic to your approach, and can draw customers to you so its a more measured and quantified approach.

If you are still using cold calling then take a look at this article from Close on the best ways to cold call in 2020. 36 B2B cold calling tips for sales success in 2020

Social Media does not produce quality leads 

With more and more companies on social media now, it has become a lot more difficult to be able to generate leads from it. However, done correctly you can indeed generate leads. How and when you do this is also very important.

Remaining consistent with your posting of content, engaging your audience and also the types of content you put out will be big contributors. Do not fall into the trap of only putting out sales content as this will turn people away. Social media is all about brand presence, and people recognising who you are.

Content Marketing does not produce quality leads 

Content is now being digested in such a variety of ways on laptops, tablets and phones. And also now by a variety of different people. The morning commuter is going to be the greatest target market for most content as well. Therefore yes, content marketing produces quality leads.

Content can also be made up of many forms with instructional blogs, discussing key areas of a market, or just addressing worldwide topical issues. All of these, alongside using some technical know how will attract people to read them. From this, you will find an increase in website traffic, and also potential enquiries. Content is used as a way to engage interested parties, and get them to buy into you or your brand.

To conclude

You will read many myths about Lead Generation across a variety of platforms, and more myths than we have mentioned in this blog. However, everything is trial and error with one shoe not fitting all sizes. This Lead Generation myth buster should give you a brief understanding of some of more common issues though. However, always try and see what works for your business.

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