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The Inside Guide on Converting Leads

Now the majority of our articles associated with our knowledge hub has focused heavily on how to generate leads, and also the best platforms to use in order to generate these leads as well. However, once you have these leads, what are you supposed to do with them? Thats why we have come up with the inside guide to converting leads!

Yes! I have generated Leads but what do I do?

We can imagine it now, you are sat there with leads of potential customers who want to use your business. But you are also thinking, how do I prioritise the ones I contact first, or which ones are going to make the most money. Simply do not make them wait. If you have received a Lead, call them, or contact them in some way. This is key to that lead still being profitable.

When we say contact them, what we are asking you to do is qualify them. Qualifying is the process of finding out how genuine the lead is. From this initial chat or conversation you should be looking to ascertain more information about their requirements, and then from there match your products and services to them.

Do this for all your leads. From here you can then rank them in order of which are most important, and which are going to generate you revenue.

I have ranked them, what should I do next?

It is very simple, follow up calls! Not all lead generated will turn straight into paying customers.

Start your customer service process now. If you are lucky enough to have a sales team when they initially qualify the lead, schedule a call back. This will create urgency, and also show your levels of customer care when you contact them on that scheduled time and date.

Remember, not all sales happen now, right this second. People are methodical thinkers, especially when it comes to parting with their money. Incentives sometimes help the process to move along quicker.

You mentioned Incentives, how could that help in converting leads?

Depending on the type of products or services you offer, incentivising customers is sometimes a very good way to generate buy in. Now, we do not mean give away hundreds or thousands of pounds, however some ideas to start converting leads would be:-

– Offer an Incentive- ​We are not talking about large sums of money, but a usual one to use could be they get 10% off of your product or service if you purchase within 5 days of your quote. That 10% will not impact your bottom line too much (providing you have enough profit in your products), but will entice new customers to purchase with you.

– Ask for the Sale- ​The one all salespeople tend to avoid. Ask! It’s the most basic way in which you generate revenue, but it’s the one everyone is afraid of. If once you have sold in your product or service, and you feel your customer needs that extra nudge, ask if they would like to go ahead with something. The worst thing they will say is no.

– Drop in the ROI- ​If you are selling a product or service which can have a potential ROI attached, sell on this. Tell your client or customer what their ROI will look like, and lay it out in front of them. Sometimes this will be the added incentive needed to purchase.

Check out the blog by hatchbuck who have come up with even more ways to incentivise your customers. 6 Ways to Incentivize Your Customers To Refer You

To Summarise

Remember converting leads is just as important as the work prior to generating them. You can use all the marketing avenues as you want, however if you are not able to prioritise leads, and use your customer service to convert, then it is a wasted exercise.

Also remember to ensure that you present your brand in the best light, be that to confirm buying customers, or prospective ones. Some sales take longer to close than others, regardless of all customers should be treated the same!

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