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Tips & Tricks: Write a decent Blog

Table of contents:

    Getting Started…

    The most successful bloggers keep their noses in anyone’s business, and lay their interests in many different aspects of many different industries – but at its core, blogging is about being able to write the most compelling and engaging content, consistently, and over a period of sustained time.

    Each individual has their own techniques and niche topics, and to some extent each blogger has their own style. There are some fundamental pointers that you must follow in order to create great content which brings value to readers. You want to aim for a low bounce rate, and a high “duration of session” time.

    If you are using analytics software, such as Google Analytics, then you can visualise your results better and capitalise on what topics are working best. The best bloggers are results driven writers, and therefore lean towards blogging about content which is most likely going to create the next sonic boom.

    Captivate viewers with an intriguing headline

    Your headline is the very reason people will click, share, read and engage with your content in the first place.

    This is the sole reason your content will land in front of the correct audience. Consider what search phrases people will be typing into search engines to find your content, as your viewers can help to provide you with Tips and tricks on how to write a decent Blog.

    Bear in mind that people aren’t always going to end up on your website as a direct result of your marketing efforts. If you have good enough headlines and SEO in place on Website or Blog, then you can start to enjoy the benefits of much more traffic and engagement and begin optimising your content to appeal to a broader audience. Targeting is key.

    Choose a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about

    Pick a topic that is actually of interest to you. There are many reasons for this, the main one being you will remain more inspired for longer and write more creative content when you are focusing on what you are passionate about.

    Think about it – it’s a lot easier write and talk lots about a topic that you know a lot about, compared to the opposite of trying to talk lots about a topic you really know very little about. You are more credible if what you are saying is true, and more likely to inspire readers when the topic comes from your heart.

    Quote : “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.” Bear this in mind.

    The key to blogging is to gain a huge following, retain each viewer and have them come back to your Blog time and time again to read your next fresh burst of material. Once you have achieved this, you can look at monetising your blog or expanding what services you offer, perhaps publish and sell an ebook or start affiliate marketing. There’s a lot to consider.

    Place time and thought into your Design

    Most good blogs will make it regardless of how they look if their focus is brilliant, meaningful, high-quality content. Regardless, it is always best to focus on user experience outside of just the content you are writing and publishing and to enhance the user-experience of your website or blog in any way you can.

    Equally to conjuring up intriguing headlines for your blog, consider placing some time and thought into what images you are going to use for your blog and why they are relevant. It is also a good idea to consider the placement of your images, and establish a streamlined process that you can carry into every future Blog you intend to write and publish.

    Images help to break up the journey which is reading your content. Even more so – if the images are original and authentic – then you are going to gain place as an established source of fresh and authentic content – and this will give you that extra edge when people land on other blogs that don’t present the same appearance or journey.

    Host your own blog – don’t rely on other platforms

    If you are serious about blogging, whether it’s from passion and love of writing or from seeing £££’s in your eyes, or a combination of both – then you should most definitely consider hosting your own Blog using one of the many excellent platforms on offer online.

    Tumblr , Blogger and other similar platforms serve their purpose and really help to enhance any blog work that you are doing – but if you want to get serious, and have the confidence to invest a little bit into yourself – Blue Host and WordPress are the big players in the game.

    Bluehost is one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services powering millions of websites, and WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015.

    Promote your Blog content using Social Media

    Writing blogs that people want to digest is a matter of speaking open-mindedly and honestly about a range of topics that you are passionate about.

    The more you serve to promote and circulate the content of your Blog, the more likely people will find it and the greater chances that you will start developing your own network of followers who enjoy reading what you have to say, share it, talk about and so on.

    To achieve this, you need to write Blog posts which are interesting and enjoyable, being sure to inject your character and opinions in the appropriate way.

    Social Media is a brilliant platform to generate a fond network of followers. So long as you are publishing meaningful content, or interesting content – then you can start circulating your message and strategising to achieve high traffic to your website and/or Blog.

    The key to social media is to remain consistent, and to analyse and understand when your specific target audience is most responsive and likely to interact with your content.

    You could take the approach of being concise and posting at ‘peak’ times, or you could sit back and develop a grander strategy and post content frequently on a day to day basis. The latter requires an abundance of content.

    If you are just getting started, then focus on building a following through finding people with similar intentions to yourself, and other industry leaders and like-minded bloggers. Interact with them and share their content, and they are likely to do the same for you as you are on your way up.

    For more tips and tricks on how to easily manage and monitor your social media campaigns

    Generate a High volume – be consistent with your output

    There are many great tools and technologies online to aid and supplement your marketing strategy, regardless of what industry you specialise in.

    To save time, you can use software which allows you to automate and pre-schedule your content. This allows you to sit back and focus on the writing of your content, and establishing your following online with your digital presence.

    Here are a few to consider:

    Hootsuite – Allows you to automate and schedule your posts according to your strategy and key times of operation. Also has a content-sourcing platform to find meaningful content.

    Klout – Provides you with a “Klout” score and an assortment of quality content which you can post in the absence of your own content on the way to developing your empire.

    Sendible – Manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

    To Summarise

    Here are some starting Tips And Tricks On How To Write A Decent Blog. The more you practice, the more you will develop your skills and techniques and become a talented Blogger.

    Writing quality content is one thing, but to be a successful Blogger you need to learn how to market your content and remain ahead of the curve with what stories to publish and what content to circulate.

    The important part is to establish a huge following and remain consistent with the message you portray in order to gain status as an authority leader, or a specialist in your given topic.

    This is easier achieved if you go into a niche topic – but in an ever saturating market – it takes a lot of innovation to find that next big thing. Good luck with all your Blogging.