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Undeniable evidence: You need lead generation!

Below we take a a look into a handful of reasons and undeniable evidence for why you need lead generation.

If you are new to the concept of lead generation or are trying to convince your boss that lead generation is the way to go then you will probably need some form of proof.

Good thing we have you covered! We have put together some facts and figures, as well as some explanation to why it is undeniable that you NEED Lead Generation.

To Begin…

So, to make things clear on what a lead, and lead generation is. A lead is when a prospective client or customer expresses an interest in a product or service you are offering. Lead Generation is the process of finding them leads of people who have shown an interest in your product or service.

Ask yourself, what is your process when looking for leads? And, what is your process when you find leads? Both are very much important to this process. Firstly, because how are you generating business leads to capitalise on.

Secondly, how proactive are you when you have found these leads? You can have all the leads generated for you in the world, however if you do not make contact it will not be successful.

The Facts and Figures…

Let’s look at the undeniable evidence for why you need lead generation:

  • Lead generation is used by 83% of B2B marketers.
  • 39% of marketers have generated leads through Facebook.
  • 81% of businesses report that their blog is the most important for generating leads.
  • Companies who automate lead management see a 10% bump in revenue within 6-9 months.

The key stat we want to focus on is this one.. Lead Generation outsourcing is 43% more efficient then generating in house leads.

Why is the above stat important?

Well let’s look at it from a business perspective, something that we at Lead Genera focus heavily on.

Now yes outsourcing leads is an extra cost, however it’s the rate of success which determines how cost effective this method is. With companies reporting it is 43% more efficient to outsource than do this in house there is a greater level of efficiency.

As we are Lead Generation specialists in Norwich, we are able to tap into a market with ease and speed. Whether you are a Dentist, a Heating Engineer or a small local business we can help you.

The benefit to using an outsourced service also, is it allows yourself as a business owner, or a business development team to focus on other areas than just trying to generate and chase leads.

The leads in which a business like ourselves will give you are qualified with engaged prospects so all that needs to be done is contact them,

Summary: Undeniable evidence and why you need lead generation!

Still need convincing? Okay here goes!

Revenue… The key word, and will be the key word throughout. How does Lead Generation create revenue?

Simply, it gives you an opportunity to speak to customers about your products and services that you may not have come across. This is your chance to sell your product and promote your brand.

Lead Generation can and will provide you with an outlet to make more revenue for your business. Use it and see.

How do we work with Lead Genera?

We have some exciting news coming for 2020 which is going to change the face of our business which we cannot wait to announce. In the mean time keep an eye out for our new content being uploaded weekly!

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